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The Golden Hour was a weekly feature on The Chris Moyles Show.

Every Friday between 9:00 and 10:00, songs from a particular year were played in the first half hour, and listeners were invited to text in with their name, location, what they were doing and their guess of the year the songs were released. At the end of the last song, Dominic, Tina and Dave were asked by Chris to guess the year. Dave almost always got it right.

Between the songs, Chris read out listeners' messages guessing the year of the Golden Hour. During the feature, Chris appealed to fellow radio geeks by using the old 1980s Golden Hour jingles, some of which were specially recreated specifically for the show. You can listen to them here.

In the second half hour, after the 9:30 news, each member of the team chose one of their favourite songs to be played.

The Golden Hour began on the Chris Moyles Show in September 2007, and it ran daily for two weeks in the run up to Radio 1's 40th Anniversary. The feature proved so popular, it was later reintroduced as a regular weekly feature on a Friday morning.

The final song on the final Golden Hour on 14 September 2012 was Never Forget, by Take That.

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