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Dave's Tedious Link was a feature on the Breakfast Show carried over from the Afternoon Show. Each day (apart from Fridays from 2007), Comedy Dave would link from the previous track to that day's track via a long-winded route. For example, this is a link from Country Grammar by Nelly to Come Back Around by Feeder:

Grammar is something you learn in school, and normally comes under the banner of English language. English is one of many languages spoken in the world, with other popular ones being Swahili and Welsh. Welsh, first name Denise, is an actress who used to be in Coronation Street. The cast of Coronation Street were all at the Soap Awards last week. A week is about the right amount of time to spend on holiday in New York, which is nicknamed the Big Apple. Apples can be green or red, depending on what type they are. 'Ah' is what you say at the doctors' when they look at your throat. 'Throat' rhymes with 'boat', which is what you'd need if you were planning to take a trip on a river. A river has a mouth, and a mouth in humans is used for feeding, which links to Feeder and Come Back Around.

After the track for that day had been played, Chris would ask Dave if the link was 'seamless'. Dave would more often than not reply that it was, only to be proved wrong by Chris, a member of the rest of the team or correspondence from listeners. Often, the argument would last for a long time.

The feature began on 12 August 2002, with the first track being Rocks by Scottish band Primal Scream. The final Tedious Link track in May 2012 was Good Luck, by Basement Jaxx. The name was a parody of Tenuous Links, a feature done on the Jo Whiley show with a similar theme.

A list of Tedious Links with transcriptions can be found here.

List of Tedious Links

Date Artist Title Transcript
12 August 2002 Primal Scream Rocks Transcript
13 August 2002 The Farm Groovy Train Transcript
14 August 2002 Mock Turtles Can You Dig It? Transcript
15 August 2002 Green Day Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Transcript
16 August 2002 S-Express Theme From S-Express Transcript
19 August 2002 Foo Fighters Monkey Wrench Transcript
20 August 2002 Dream Warriors My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style Transcript
21 August 2002 They Might Be Giants Birdhouse In Your Soul Transcript
22 August 2002 Oasis Champagne Supernova Transcript
23 August 2002 Deee-Lite Groove Is in the Heart Transcript
26 August 2002 Soup Dragons I'm Free Transcript
27 August 2002 TLC Waterfalls Transcript
28 August 2002 Beck Loser Transcript
29 August 2002 Robbie Williams Lazy Days Transcript
30 August 2002 The Shamen Ebeneezer Goode Transcript
2 September 2002 Stone Roses Fool's Gold Transcript
3 September 2002 De La Soul The Magic Number Transcript
4 September 2002 The Farm All Together Now Transcript
9 September 2002 Primal Scream Loaded Transcript
10 September 2002 Black Grape Reverend Black Grape Transcript
11 September 2002 Cast Walkaway Transcript
12 September 2002 Manic Street Preachers A Design For Life Transcript
13 September 2002 SL2 On a Ragga Tip Transcript
16 September 2002 Oasis Rock N' Roll Star Transcript
17 September 2002 Electronic Getting Away With It Transcript
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