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Jocelin Stainer was the "assistant producer" of The Chris Moyles Show, which involved answering the phones, making the tea and assisting Rachel and Aled in getting the show to air each morning.

Jocelin (or Joce for short) was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 21st June 1980 and has a twin sister called Barbara. She joined Radio 1 in September 2002 as one of two trainees on the BBC Talent scheme. She spent her first eighteen months moving around shows, completing her first long placement on the Jo Whiley programme. In early 2004 she joined the all-new Chris Moyles Breakfast Team as daytime Broadcast Assistant (BA). However, with (then day producer) Will Kinder away working on other projects, and Aled promoted to his job in the short term, she spent most of the year deputising as show BA. She joined the show full time in June 2005 and was been promoted to the role of "assistant producer".

Although she doesn't speak on air that often, Joce is the "unsung hero" behind the scenes. For example, she was the person who used to pick the (notoriously stupid) callers for Car Park Catchphrase. She was also part of the team in Portugal and Germany, for the show's coverage of England in Euro 2004 and World Cup 2006. She says she classes Portugal as one of her highlights to date, as "the studio was in the living room. Getting up was never easier!". Since joining the show Joce has had the opportunity to attend many glamorous award ceremonies, including the TRIC Awards and the Sony Radio Awards (where the show won gold!).

We also know she has a cute laugh, can't pronounce certain words properly - and was once caught by Chris going into the toilet with his cup of tea. She maintains she was just pouring excess liquid down the drain.

She left the show in April 2007 to produce the Early Breakfast show. She later went on to produce weekend shows and The Surgery for Radio 1, teaming up again with Aled for the latter. In 2009, she became executive producer at BBC Radio 1Xtra.

Jocelin returned to the Chris Moyles Show in September 2012 as a guest in the run-up to the end of the show.

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