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This is a list of guest hosts (those who hosted along with the team rather than fill-in hosts, excluding the Marathon Show), regular guests and other contributors to The Chris Moyles Show.


Tulisa Contostavlos

N-Dubz singer, former X-Factor judge and sex tape star Tulisa Contostavlos co-hosted the show in April 2012 while David Vitty took a week off.

Sara Cox

Chris' predecessor on the Breakfast Show, Sara Cox, presented the show along with the usual team in September 2010 for a couple of days while Chris took time off for personal reasons.

Vernon Kay

Bolton-born presenter Vernon Kay was originally a hate figure for Chris and Dave, with them referring to him as 'Vermin Kay'. But Chris and Vernon became friends, and Vernon filled in as host of the breakfast show for Chris in March 2009 while he was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief. Vernon also hosted for a couple of days in August/September 2010 when Chris had a few days off for personal reasons. He also co-presented a slot with Chris and Dave on the Marathon Show in 2011.

Olly Murs

Former Deal or No Deal contestant and singer Olly Murs was a regular guest on the show in the last couple of years of its run. He filled in for Comedy Dave for a week while he was off doing other work in 2011.

Regular contributors

Roy Walker

Roy Walker was the voice of Car Park Catchphrase, the game which was usually played at the end of the Breakfast Show. He pre-recorded various voice clips which Chris used to make it sound as though Roy was actually in the studio. Commonly used clips included "I want her to win", "I'd rather stick a fork in my eye" and "Nice wheels!", in addition to the ones used for the game.

On a couple of rare occasions, Roy was actually present in the studio to play the game live, firstly in July 2004 and again for Chris '24th' birthday in 2006.

Walker also presented the short-lived replacement for CPC, called Beep Beep Busters, based on the ITV show Blockbusters.

Andi Peters

Andi Peters was a regular caller in later years of the Chris Moyles Show. He was friends with Chris, but was disliked by producer Rachel for an unspecified reason. Chris would more often than not cut him off whenever he rang in.


Longman (so called because he was very tall) was a friend of Chris' and frequent caller to the show from his sandwich shop in Leeds. It was rumoured that Chris and Longman fell out after Longman left the UK to work in the US as a trainer, but Longman re-appeared as a guest in the run up to the final show in 2012.

Keith Chegwin

TV personality Keith Chegwin was a big fan of the show and often contributed songs for Chris to play out on air, including one about Cheggae, a cross between church and reggae, and another for Chappers and Dave. He died on 11 December 2017, aged 60.

Rob DJ

Chris' friend from Leeds, Rob DJ, (real name Rob Speight), wrote the questions and also provided pre-recorded clips of himself for Rob DJ's Monday Night Pub Quiz. Rob was a real-life quizmaster in a pub in Leeds, and the questions were chosen from the quiz played on the previous night (Monday). On the back of his fame from appearing on the show, he published a quiz book in 2009.

Regular guests

Davina McCall

Television presenter Davina McCall was a massive fan of the show and a good friend of Chris'. Chris would often flirt outrageously with her whenever she rang in to the show. Davina co-presented part of the show for one hour during the Marathon Show in 2011.

Other Radio 1 DJs

Other DJs from BBC Radio 1 often appeared on Chris Moyles' shows on the station, sometimes to promote their own shows, or in a handover between Chris' shows and their own.

Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton replaced Jo Whiley as host of the mid-morning slot on Radio 1 in September 2009. As with Whiley, the team would do a hand over to Cotton at the end of every show, and as with Whiley, Chris would flirt with her. Fearne co-presented three shows with Chris and Dave during the Marathon Show in 2011 and famously wore a swimsuit during the last one, crashing the Radio 1 website due to the large amount of people who logged on to view her on the live streaming. At the end of the last ever studio-based Chris Moyles Show, she accidentally ruined the last Golden Hour.

Zane Lowe

New Zealander Zane Lowe joined BBC Radio 1 in the mid-2000s, having appeared on MTV Two before. Lowe often called in to the Breakfast Show, and his inimitable style was often good-naturedly mocked by Chris and Dave.

Mark and Lard

Mark Radcliffe and Marc 'Lard' Riley were a duo who presented the breakfast show which followed Moyles' Early Bit on Radio 1 in 1997, and later the mid-afternoon show on Radio 1 from 1997 until 2004. Their show preceded the old Afternoon Show and they would often chat to Chris at the handover. When Mark and Lard left the station in 2004, Chris and Dave sang a parody version of Stereophonics' Have a Nice Day in tribute to them.

Scott Mills

Scott Mills was the regular fill-in presenter on the Breakfast Show from its launch in 2004 until the end in 2012. While he presented the show, it was billed as The Chris Moyles Show with Scott Mills with appropriate jingles. His usual slot was mostly as a fill-in presenter for absent DJs until he was given Moyles' old weekday afternoon slot in July 2004, initially filling in for Sara Cox whilst she was on maternity leave. Cox did not return to that slot and Scott was given it on a permanent basis. Mills was one of the many DJs who co-presented with Chris and Dave during the Marathon Show in March 2011.


Wes Butters (always known by the mononym 'Wes' on Radio 1) presented the Chart Show from 2003-2005. In the early days of the Breakfast Show, he would present a slot on Monday mornings summarising the previous day's top 10.

Tim Westwood

Middle-aged hip-hop DJ Tim Westwood was a regular contributor to the show. He pre-recorded clips for the feature Where Am I? and was parodied by Chris and Dave impersonating his voice in a link called 'Clumsy Westwood', which involved him falling over and a sound effect of glass smashing would be played. He appeared as a guest during the Marathon Show, encouraging Chris and Dave to keep on going in his inimitable style.

Westwood left BBC Radio 1 in 2013.

Jo Whiley

Jo Whiley presented the show which followed the Chris Moyles Show at 10am from January 2004 until 2009. The team would hand over to her at the end of every show after Car Park Catchphrase, with Chris often flirting outrageously with her. Whiley left her weekday show on Radio 1 in September 2009 and was replaced by TV presenter Fearne Cotton.

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