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The Chris Moyles Show contained many regular and one-off features, either with just the team participating or sometimes with members of the public or celebrities taking part. Here is a list of features on the show:

10 Second Takeover

A parody of Radio 1's 10 Hour Takeover, in which listeners requested songs for 10 hours, usually on Bank Holidays. It was only ever done in the summer of 2011. Callers would ring up and request a song, and Chris would ask Dave if they had it. Dave would then pretend to rifle through a load of CDs, then they would play the first ten seconds of the song. Listen to some of them here.

Buzz Off

From the first show in 2004, Chris would bring in a CD from his home music library and play a track. If Dave, Aled or Rachel disliked the track, they would 'buzz' it off by saying "Rachel/Aled/Dave buzz". When 2,000 text messages had been received from the listeners, this would be the 'listeners' buzz'. After all four had buzzed, the song would end and Chris would usually be disappointed that nobody liked his choice of song.

Camp Cops

Chris and Dave's TV cop show from 2004, exclusively on fictional TV network UK Bilge. Listen here.

Car Park Catchphrase

Main article: Car Park Catchphrase

A radio version of the TV game show Catchphrase, presented by Roy Walker.

Celebrity Raspberry

A celebrity would record themselves blowing a raspberry and callers would guess the identity of that person. Clues were issued each day as to the mystery raspberry-blower. If no caller had correctly identified the person after the fifth day, the competition would be opened to texters, with the first text in being declared the winner. The prize was a set of mugs featuring the faces of the team members.

Celebrity Tarzan

A celebrity would be recorded doing a Tarzan howl, and listeners were invited to call in to guess who it was. If they were right, they won a prize, and if they were wrong, then it rolled over to the next show.

Chicks Win Tix

Another vehicle for giving away football tickets on a Friday, two women would phone in to win tickets to one of the weekend's football games. Juliette would ask a quick fire question to determine the winner.

Dave's Tedious Link

Main article: Dave's Tedious Link

One of the longest-running features on the Chris Moyles Show, Comedy Dave would link songs together.

Dick Cheese

From 2004, a parody of local radio "eye in the sky" traffic reports, presented by 'Dick Cheese', the copper in the chopper (Comedy Dave). Listen here.

Dog or Person

Dave suggested various names, such as 'Roley', 'Wolf' and 'Fred', and the team had to decide if they where a dog or a person. Following this there was a numbers round, where you had have to convert some dog years into human years. Needless to say, like all of Dave's quizzes, this one didn't quite work as he planned, partly to do with its hideously complicated scoring system.

Easy Portuguesie

During Euro 2004 the team presented the show from a villa in Portugal, and Dave tried to teach Chris some Portuguese phrases every day, despite the fact he can't speak any Portuguese himself.

Flat Idol

Aled had a rat in his flat, which led to Chris to discovering that his flatmates where scrounging off him and didn't have jobs. Every day Chris played clips of potential new flatmates so Aled could decide if they were suitable. The feature came to a sudden halt when Aled announced that his flatmates had all now got jobs (although this was obviously pre-planned).

The Golden Hour

Main article: The Golden Hour

A revival of a popular feature which was on Radio 1 for more than 20 years. Originally brought back for Radio 1's 40th birthday in 2007, it became a weekly Friday feature until the show ended in 2012.

Guess Who

If a member of the team had spotted a celebrity while out and about, the rest of the team would try to guess who it was by asking yes/no questions. For example, "Is it a man?", "Is it a woman?", "Are they a singer?" and so on. This game was originally started by Producer Will. A particularly memorable game was when the feature lasted ages, as Dave said that the celebrity "couldn't be any more English", despite the person being Sean Connery (who is from Scotland).

Half Time

The bit of the show at about 9:05 when Chris and Dave "kick back and relax" for 10 minutes by rambling about nothing in particular. And yes, that is two thirds of the way through the show. This bit probably infuriates Moyles haters, but Rajar (the radio listening figures people) once revealed that this hour is the most popular in the show, despite most people being at work. The bed originally used is Tomoyasu Hotei - Battle Without Honour Or Humanity, which can be found on the Kill Bill sound track, but it was then replaced by a specially commissioned version with a more rocky style.

Internal Phone System

The BBC had a phone system only intended for internal use, where you could say the name of a BBC employee, and using voice recognition software, it would dial their phone number. Chris had a lot of fun with this, saying real names and also nonsense phrases and seeing what name it came up with. The feature debuted on the old Afternoon Show and continued sporadically on Breakfast. Listen to some here.

King of Tickets

The King of Tickets (Dave with a posh accent and a bit of reverb) came in to the studio to offer tickets to a football match, which he was unable to attend, because he was busy having lunch with 'The Duchess of Kent', and sacking his gardener. He invited 'the working classes' to call in so they could go to the football instead. He then decided which out of the two callers most deserved the tickets. This had to be both the worst and best feature ever, but it was only played once. Those who heard it will know why. Listen here to part one. Part two.

McFly Day

Main article: McFly Day

The song Star Girl by British band McFly was played every Friday.


Another feature to be filed under 'Dave's Rubbish Quizzes'. Dave would start reading the letters from the end of a word, with the number of points decreasing every time another letter is read out. Unbelievably, despite being somewhat shambolic on the radio, Challenge TV produced a low budget one-off of the show for TV which you can watch here. Cynics would suggest this was just to get some easy ratings and publicity (and they did).

Rob DJ's Monday Night Pub Quiz

Main article: Rob DJ's Monday Night Pub Quiz

A quiz played by the team, consisting of five questions taken from a real-life pub quiz run by Chris' friend from Leeds, Rob DJ.

Rollercoaster Revision

As part of a Radio 1 exam revision campaign in 2011, the team were asked to revise some school subjects, and were tested on them later. But not in the studio; on a theme park rollercoaster instead. Highlights included Chris screaming "Oh, Richard, no!" Listen to them here.

Sting Ring

A pun on 'ring sting', which is a phrase for something unpleasant caused by eating hot curries, Chris would phone people up and play songs by Sting to them. A Christmas special was called 'Bing Ring', where White Christmas by Bing Crosby was played instead. Listen here.

Stupidity Amnesty

A feature from early summer 2011, listeners called in and confessed to moments of stupidity. Listen here.

Table of Pain

Chris and the team were put on a sports massage table and had a painful massage. Their screams of pain caused much mirth. Listen here.

Toby LeRone

A regular feature towards the end of the show's run. People would send messages or call in to other radio shows and use made-up pun names, usually based on chocolate bars, such as Toby LeRone (Toblerone) or Kit Kat. The clips would then be played out on air.

Whattity What

In a homage to TV quiz show Blankety Blank, Chris reads out sentences and asks callers to identify the missing words, which he has replaced with the word 'what'.

Where Am I?

Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood would record five clues as to where he was, and the team had to guess from the clues where he was.

Where's Aled?

Aled hides in a different place in the UK every day and the listeners have to find him. When they spot him they have to say a predetermined 'password' down the phone to Chris. Aled would give some vague clues through the show as to his location. The winners won the chance to win a trip to Portugal to watch some of the Euro 2004 games. It sounded like a good idea (even though it was probably invented by some sort of 'creative department') but it dragged on a bit. They bring this feature back occasionally for outside broadcasts.

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