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The Best of Chris Moyles podcast was launched as part of a BBC experiment in Podcasting on 28 July 2005. It featured the best bits of the past seven days of the show and was usually released on a Friday morning.

Originally, BBC rules dictated that the podcast had to be broadcast on Radio 1 and went out in the small hours on a Friday morning. It was produced by Ant Danbury, who was often mocked for having the voice of a cartoon child. Whenever the team were off air, a short message explaining the lack of podcast would be released as a podcast, but sometimes the team would include a short game in the podcast.

An Enhanced Podcast was introduced in 2007 which included pictures and chapters. Figures show that the podcasts were downloaded by around 250,000-400,000 times per week, making it one of the most popular in the UK.

In 2011, the name of the podcast was changed to 'Free Download', much to the chagrin of Moyles who complained about it in almost every subsequent free download. The final podcast contained the entire last ever breakfast show and was released in September 2012.

In September 2015, The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X launched a weekly podcast available on Fridays.


Please make your selection from the table below to select the Podcast year and type you wish to download.

The Enhanced Podcasts include graphics, but may not work on all devices.

A huge thanks to Console and Richard Tomlinson for helping collate and uploading these Podcasts.

Year Podcast Type
2005 Standard
2006 Standard
2007 Standard Enhanced
2008 Standard Enhanced
2009 Standard Enhanced
2010 Standard Enhanced
2011 Standard Enhanced
2012 Standard Enhanced
2015 Standard
2016 Standard
2017 Standard
2018 Standard