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The Chris Moyles Show is a radio show on Radio X (formerly XFM) which is presented by Chris Moyles with Dominic Byrne and produced by James Robinson. Pippa Taylor is the Executive Producer.


The show was announced by Moyles on YouTube and Twitter on 6 September 2015, and began broadcasting at 6:30am on 21 September 2015, almost three years to the day since Moyles was last heard on radio.

The first song played on the new show was Love Machine by Girls Aloud.

The Team

Name Role Year started Year departed
Chris Moyles Main presenter 2015 present
Dominic Byrne News reader 2015 present
Pippa Taylor Executive Producer 2015 present
Matt Parkes-Smith Producer 2017 present
Dave Masterman Producer 2015 2017
James Robinson Producer 2017 present

Additional team members and regular contributors include Sam and Will. TV personality Andi Peters is a frequent caller to the show, and Toby Tarrant often joins the team for the last part of the show, prior to his own show which follows Chris on Radio X.


Rob DJ's Monday Night Pub Quiz

Main article: Rob DJ's Monday Night Pub Quiz

A feature resurrected from the old show. Chris' friend Rob DJ provides the questions for a quiz that the team participate in.

The Platinum Hour

Main article: The Platinum Hour

An hour of random songs every Friday at 9am, just like the Golden Hour. Unlike on Radio 1, Chris picks all of the songs himself, although they must be pre-approved by the management.

Reverse Words

Occasionally, the team and Toby Tarrant will be given a phrase which has been played backwards, and they must try to say it backwards. The results are played forwards, with hilarious results.

Happy Endings

A music quiz where the last moments of songs are played, and the team have to identify the song and artist. The theme for the feature is the 2004 Avril Lavigne song "My Happy Ending".

TV Themes

The team have to identify TV themes which are played. There is also a link between the themes which the team can identify for bonus points. A similar variation of this is the TV Sounds Game.


Dominic reads letters sent to the team, some of which are accompanied by gifts from listeners or companies seeking free publicity. The address jingle is sometimes sung by celebrities, including Reese Witherspoon and David Hasselhoff.

Dom's Big Slot

A weekly feature presented by Dominic, which usually consists of a quiz where Dominic has a list of names of things, some of which are real and some of which are fake, and the rest of the team have to decide which is which.

The Lip Reading Game

A member of the team has to listen to very loud rock music while another member of the team reads out a list of items from a chosen category. The player with the headphones on has to read the lips of the other team member to identify what they are saying, often with hilarious results.

Who Are You?

An occasional feature where Chris and Dominic have to identify a mystery guest by asking him or her questions, similar to the TV game show What's My Line?

Sing Alone Live

Normally done on a Friday morning, a caller is chosen to sing along with a song chosen by Chris. The caller must be on their own, for whatever reason. Chris plays in the start of the song, then drops the audio while the caller continues singing.

The Musical Arrangement Game

Similar to the other musical-themed games, a different arrangement of a popular song is played (often an orchestral version), and the team have to guess the song and artist.

Past features

Radio Station Invasion

A feature in the first couple of weeks involved all of Radio X's sister stations being listed on a big wheel in the studio. Chris would then spin the wheel and whichever it would land on, Chris would go to the studio of the station chosen and try to interrupt their show. He appeared on Smooth Radio and Classic FM, but Jamie Theakston refused to let him in to the Heart London studio.

The Wheel of Slightly Inappropriate Tracks

Main article: The Wheel of Inappropriate Songs

Every day, a giant wheel in the studio with several tracks that wouldn't normally be played on Radio X is spun by Chris, and the track it stops on is played in full on the show.

Freddie Friday

Every Friday, Chris plays a Queen song with Freddie Mercury's vocals isolated during part of the song, to highlight Freddie's singing voice.

The Chris Moyles Show (Radio X)
Team Members: Chris Moyles, Dominic Byrne, Pippa Taylor-Hackett, James Robinson, Matt Parkes-Smith
Regular Features: Rob DJ's Monday Night Pub Quiz, The Platinum Hour, The Wheel of Inappropriate Songs
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