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Below is a list of all 2016 podcasts from The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X.

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Download 01-01-2016 :: A warm welcome to the first of two very special 'interim podcasts', courtesy of The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X! Expect absolutely no edited content from the actual show, but instead, just 15 minutes or so of messing about to keep you all entertained until we're back in 2016. Enjoy!
Download 08-01-2016 :: In the absence of any original show content from The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X, here's Bonus Podcast 2 of 2! Inside, expect a guest appearance from everyone's favourite 90's children's TV presenter, a drawn out conversation about dictionaries, and Pippa's teabag treat for Chris. Enjoy! P.S. We don't know what 'Throwing The Bull' means, either.
Download 15-01-2016 :: Welcome along to what may be the most jam-packed Chris Moyles Show podcast to date (there is no actual concrete evidence of this being a fact, so no clever comments, thanks...)! Within edition number 17... Chris is joined by GORDON RAMSAY and PAUL McKENNA (separately, obviously. That'd be a weird double header)! Pippa whips out her flute for another nonsensical game PLUS, the team try out their first (and possibly last) on air improvised sitcom, tentatively named 'The Tandoori Whispers'. Dive in!
Download 22-01-2016 :: What do you get if you cross a bunch of vague celebrity birthdays with colonic irrigations? The Chris Moyles Show Podcast, obviously! Not so much a joke. More a matter of fact. But what else can be found within episode 18? Why, let us tell you… Lovely US girl-of-the-moment ELLE KING swings by for a chat. Dave Masterman offers himself up for a colonic… a decision he may well regret. Only time will tell. Chris inadvertently gives Pippas’s mobile number out on air. We’re sure you can guess what happens next. PLUS, you’ll never guess how Chris used to order his takeaway pizza when he was on the slightly larger side… All this and more, ready for your expectant ears!
Download 29-01-2016 :: Welcome to The Chris Moyles Show Podcast! Carefully inserted into your inbox quicker and more promptly than Dave Masterman's recent Colonic... Not a clue what we're talking about? Then this is the podcast for you! But what else is inside (the podcast, that is. Not Dave's bowels)? Pippa spills the beans on yet another odd date. Dave Masterman undertakes a bizarre Q and A whilst having a tube shoved up his bottom. PLUS, the legendary Tim Westwood gets 'nuff respect! All this and loads more. Enjoy!
Download 05-02-2016 :: Hey, you... YEAH YOU! Do you like fun podcasts that'll make your life better on every single level? Well, you're in the right place! Within this week's Chris Moyles Show Podcast, here's what to expect... We chat to Friends (and now Top Gear) star Matt Le Blanc... who sounds a little bit like newsreader Dominic Byrne. Jack Black joins us in the studio to chat about his new film 'Goosebumps' and - rather surprisingly - curry. PLUS, Pippa's illegal visit to Paris... All this and loads more, ready for your eager ears!
Download 12-02-2016 :: Welcome along to what a lot of the industry (Producer Dave) are calling the best podcast in the world! And off the back of that glowing endorsement (albeit, off the person who makes the thing), let's see what's in store this week... We delve deep into Dom's Ball Bag for a game that was intended for our guest Paddy McGuinness. Our wonderful listeners blow Dom's mind with a DVD-based fact. PLUS, find out why Producer Dave's neighbours aren't best pleased with him at the moment... All this and loads more!
Download 19-02-2016 :: If you ever wanted to know just how drunk people get at swanky award ceremonies (namely, The NME Awards), then you're in the right place, As Chris and team track Pippa's 'eventful' midweek partying! Elsewhere within this week's Chris Moyles Show podcast... We say hello to 'Welsh Florence'... who sounds suspiciously like many other Dominic Byrne impressions. The team undertake a serious conversation about their favourite weather forecasters... No, seriously. PLUS, just how did Radio X's Vernon Kay 'woo' his lovely wife in the first place? Enjoy!
Download 26-02-2016 :: Welcome to a mammoth edition of The Chris Moyles Show podcast, jam-packed with 90 minutes worth of radio brilliance (in the most part). Inside... The brilliant Sacha Baron Cohen joins us for the first interview he's done as himself in over 18 years! Chris celebrates another birthday in style, with guests and surprises galore (no spoilers here, though!). PLUS, the always-great Keith Lemon popped in for a chat. Enjoy!
Download 04-03-2016 :: Welcome to The Chris Moyles Show Podcast (with a healthy smattering of Vernon Kay, due to Chris SELFISHLY taking a few days off for holiday. How dare he?!). So, within this hour-long audible treat, you'll be getting enthusiastically double teamed (so to speak) from two of Radio X's founding fathers! But, what can we expect? Dave and Pippa eat some absolutely horrendous 'food' (water beetle, anyone?), all in the name of 'fun' radio. Early morning LBC legend Steve Allen NEARLY becomes our newsreader for the morning. PLUS, all you need to know about... lambing (thanks Vernon). Enjoy!
Download 11-03-2016 :: Ladies and gentlemen... please sit back, and prepare yourselves for quite possibly the most random/entertaining Chris Moyles Show Podcast to date! Here's why... Chris reveals Dave Masterman's 'Flantastic' acting debut at the age of 10 Dom gets confused by whether or not it's illegal to 'film the news' PLUS, the team discuss the pros and cons of ... Jason Derulo All this, and (quite literally) loads more!
Download 18-03-2016 :: TOP O’ THE MORNIN’ TO YA! That’s right, as it was St Patrick’s Day this week, Chris and the team covered every stereotype in the book on Thursday’s show, to be sure. Aside from an abundance lazy stereotyping, there was lots more fun to be had: Dave Masterman treated the team to a one-off game of… CELEBRITY LEICESTER SQUARES! Pippa offered us an unusual ‘three-word review’ of the Walking On Cars gig that she went to PLUS, Dom offers Hillary Clinton some much-needed voice coaching. All this, and loads more great craic! Ok, that’s enough.
Download 25-03-2016 :: Welcome to a very special edition of The Chris Moyles Show Podcast (special in the sense that it's with you guys a day earlier than usual due to the Easter bank holiday... so in all honesty, not that special at all). But what can be found inside once you crack open our chocolatey outer shell (lazy egg/Easter analogy. Sorry!)? Chris welcomes BOY GEORGE into the studio for an extremely entertaining chat. We meet our new (and somewhat exuberant) intern, Josh (who sounds a lot like Dominic, if truth be told). PLUS, Chris and the team discover that wikipedia pages can be edited, leading to all sorts of childish mischief. Enjoy!
Download 01-04-2016 :: Our Lord and Saviour Chris Moyles is sadly otherwise engaged this week, but fear not, stepping in for Major Moyles is Radio X’s usual mid-morning bandit Colonel Kay, who promises to deliver tightly knit banter and organic freshly squeezed laughter juice. Here's what to expect in this weeks' edition... Vernon is joined by none other than Jimmy Carr who offers some important advice on how to maximise your batter to fish ratio down the chippy. Oh, and to talk about his new show on Netflix, ‘Funny Business’. PLUS, we also open some more of Dom’s mail, which involves a special invitation for the team. Enjoy!
Download 11-04-2016 :: A podcast on a Monday from The Chris Moyles Show? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! That's right. After just one show back after a two-week break, our metaphorical audio sack is already bulging at the seems, so here's a special Monday treat, you luck so and so's. But what's inside? Dom reveals he's 'good at the sex'. Dave is the worst stag do planner EVER. PLUS, Pippa's 'relationship' with one Toby Anstis blossoms... All this, and loads more!
Download 15-04-2016 :: Chris is back in the building!! Unfortunately he came crashing through the brick wall again so we've had to get the contractors in the fix it up... It's no skin off our teeth though, as we'd expect nothing less to mark the return of the legend himself. As the saying goes, red sky at night, shepherd's delight; red sky in the morning, Chris Moyles is back on the radio bringing the thunder. Hopefully this Monday's bonus podcast sufficiently cleansed your palate, because we're serving up this week's main course: a well seasoned helping of Chris Moyles' own brand comedy pie. But what's in the pie? Ingredients include: Toby Antis gets more than he bargained for. Dom gets a jigsaw in the post! PLUS, a special interview with John Favreau All this and more fillings. (Allergy notice: this podcast may contain traces of nuts).
Download 22-04-2016 :: Whether you’re at the gym, washing up, walking the dog, or – like Dave Masterman – just sitting on your couch on a Friday night whilst getting drunk on red wine with your wife… this is the podcast for all occasions! Within this edition… Pippa pens and sings a new catchy jingle to help listeners tune into the show. It’s really very special. Dom and Chris get to the bottom of how Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’ video must have come about…with very little historical accuracy. PLUS, just how difficult is it to get Eddie Murphy and and Wesley Snipes mixed up? Not difficult at all, when you’re Dave Masterman. Enjoy!
Download 29-04-2016 :: Greetings, content downloaders! Another week has been spent grafting down in the mines of nonsense, and countless hours in the drivel refinery, carefully selecting only the purest pieces of unscripted madness. 24 Carat convo including: The low down on who the true culprit of last weeks audio mix up was. Dom makes one fine follicular rejuvenation and leaves everyone speechless. Chris and Dom appear to have bright futures in cartoon voiceovers. Plus: Matthew Perry drops by to show us his best celebrity impersonations.
Download 06-05-2016 :: With a UK heatwave around the corner, welcome to another red-hot offering of The Chris Moyles Show! Granted, this is a tenuous link at best (especially if you're not listening during said heatwave), but just go with it. Within this week's 'sizzler'... Chris takes us all down memory lane, by talking about Dial-A-Disc! No, we didn't know what it was either. Dom gives himself a headache with all manner of new impressions. PLUS, Kaiser Chiefs collaborate with an over-over-enthusiatic Leicester City fan to create one hell of a remix! All this and loads more! Dig in.
Download 13-05-2016 :: Welcome to The Chris Moyles Show, Podcast 34! Quite possibly the most surreal episode to date (which might be the result of a fair amount of mid-week drinking from the team…) Within this week’s audible treat... Biffy Clyro’s SIMON NEIL (the nicest man in rock n roll) pops by for a chat... Dominic Byrne is 'Domise Millican' PLUS, Dave’s A Capella lessons take shape... See, told you it was a bit weird this week.
Download 20-05-2016 :: If you like infants singing rap songs, questionable A-cappella, or jokes about macaroons, then this is the podcast for you! If not, well, there’s plenty of other nonsense in here as well. Such as… Dave Masterman sprays all over Pippa in a game of ‘Radio Gargle’ . Chris and the gang try and get to the bottom of ‘Ribgate’. PLUS, Chris can’t quite remember where he put all his London listeners… Enjoy!
Download 03-06-2016 :: This week, we welcome back a refreshed Chris Moyles from his well-earned break (where, according to Vernon Kay, he was re-coving his living room…). And even though we’ve just been treated to a short four-day week, we’re still hitting you with a sizeable dose of terrific content from everyone’s favourite commercial radio show! Inside this week’s edition: We celebrate everyone's favourite Geordie pop-star/actor, Jimmy Nail (obviously)! Dom relaxes the nation in the most unusual way possible (it involves shins and feet). Plus, you’ll never guess who Chris got a lift home from this week…? Enjoy!
Download 10-06-2016 :: Alright you. You’re looking well. Have you done something different with your hair? Take your coat off and make yourself comfortable. It’s time to kick back, grab a cuppa (or a bottle of Prosecco, if you’re Pippa Taylor), and enjoy the 37th installment of the world famous (TBC) Chris Moyles Show Podcast! This week… The team LOSE the new Stone Roses track, and all fingers are pointed at Dave Masterman. Pippa reveals a bit too much about her relationship with Head of Music Mike Walsh. PLUS, Chris and the gang win A LOT of money from a lottery scratchcard… or do they? Enjoy!
Download 17-06-2016 :: Welcome! Brace yourselves; you are about to delve into a truly epic edition of the Chris Moyles Show Podcast. They say good things come in threes but we have 5 special guests for you this week! Yes, mindblowing, and let’s not forget the usual smattering of nonsense too. On board: At last, Dom’s full interview with Salma Hayek – just how awkward was it? A five star line-up of live guests – Anthony Kiedis of the Chilli’s, Jake Bugg, Judge Rinder and Ricky Wilson. PLUS: We find out we’ve been relieving ourselves incorrectly our whole lives and a magical unicorn enlightens us with the truth.
Download 24-06-2016 :: Phwoar! We do get up to a whole lot of mischief in one week. This podcast really is unpredictable; just like the British summer weather and EU referendum, it could not be forecasted. A teaser of this week’s chowdown: Dave’s been eating one topping sandwiches with no main filling! But fear not, our listeners give us the digest on their A-team bread based beauties. The team audition for Chris’s job and all fail miserably. Plus: Warwick Davis makes a visit and we find out his daughter is more exclusive in Hollywood than he is.
Download 01-07-2016 :: Oh my, what’s that? Yet another top quality podcast from Chris Moyles and the team? Yes that’s right, and this week’s edition is a belter. If you don’t believe us, take a listen and see for yourself. If you do believe us, then good for you, you're right! But what’s inside, you cry! Well, some of this: We relive Pippa’s eventful weekend at Glastonbury through the magic of an audio diary, the team are joined by not one, but two guests in the shapes of Louie Spence and Rylan Clark, PLUS the team mull over the apparent breakdowns of DJs Steve Allen and John Kennedy.
Download 08-07-2016 :: Welcome along to a very special Vernon Kay-shaped Chris Moyles Show podcast! Essentially, it’s been Vernon in for Chris this week. That’s what we’re getting at. And with that in mind, here’s a load of award-winning radio, but with a little bit more Bolton… All of Dom’s dreams come true (from the last week) at once, as he manoeuvres a real life 70-metre drill in Leicester Square! Pippa verges on a breakdown as she provides us with her finest chicken impression, that sounds nothing like a chicken. PLUS… loads of fun with Kaiser Chiefs’ Ricky Wilson! All this, and shedloads more! Enjoy, gangsters.
Download 15-07-2016 :: Why, hello there Podcast fans! Rejoice because the Saviour of Digital Radio (and on-demand audio) has returned from his week away! This week’s podcast, as ever, is a belter. Inside you will find many audio delights such as: Pippa getting lost in the Global building, a building she has worked in SINCE SEPTEMBER! Chris went to see Stevie Wonder while he was away and he brings tales of the celebs he met and the things he saw, some of them you will not believe! PLUS, we have interviews with 3, that’s right 3, cast members from the new Star Trek film! Simon Pegg, Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban were on the show this week! All that and more, can you believe we still don’t charge for this?! Enjoy, pals.
Download 22-07-2016 :: As the summer sun continues to beat down on the UK (depending on when you’re downloading, of course...), consider The Chris Moyles Show Podcast as your personal plunge pool; refreshing, revitalising and invigorating (no comparisons about getting wet, thank you very much!). So cool off, chill out, and enjoy the below top notch radio content... Dom reluctantly gets his goatee dyed live on air, Pippa’s dream of becoming a wrestling announcer becomes a reality, PLUS the wonderful Tim Minchin pops by for a chat. Enjoy!
Download 29-07-2016 :: Hello, you! Come on in. Take your shoes off. Close the door behind you. You weren’t born in a barn! Welcome to Podcast 44 of The Chris Moyles Show! Within this week’s bumper edition of fun: We play another cracking game of Revere Words, before Pippa then takes it to the next level, Jamie Oliver popped in to make it a hat-trick of appearances on the show!, PLUS Dom’s fascination with the TV channel Babestation hits new heights. Enjoy!
Download 05-08-2016 :: What’s that coming over the hill, is it a podcast, is it a podcast?! That’s right, folks. We just referenced a 2006 song that’s no one’s thought about in years, because we’re that damn cool! But that’s enough talk about a novelty indie-pop four-piece that – somewhat surprisingly – are still going to this day. Let’s talk business. Coming up in this week’s The Chris Moyles Show Podcast: Dom struggles a little with this week’s Radio X ‘Record of the Week’ (#MonThaBiff), Pippa’s talks us through her 46-mile charity bike ride, in perhaps a little too much detail, PLUS Hollywood A-lister Jared Leto says something VERY rude on the radio… Enjoy!
Download 19-08-2016 :: Hello you, did’ya miss us? It’s time for the latest instalment of the Nation’s Favourite Podcast*! As Lord Christoff of Moyles is off exploring the length and breadth of the UK, we have drafted in the Prince of Bolton himself, Vernon Kay! Here is what Vernon and his loyal subjects got up to this week. Instead of watching the Olympics, Dave spent a lot of time listening to the athletes grunting and from that he created a game! On her 58th birthday, Queen of Pop Madonna called into the show to catch up with her old pal, Vernon. PLUS, we received a couple of letters this week containing VERY different messages. As you can see, plenty of ‘Podcastable Content’… enjoy! *No facts to back this up but we’re pretty sure.
Download 26-08-2016 :: Alright, my lovers. Chris is still gallivanting, not just around the UK but also Europe this week so Vernon Kay is once again drafted in. I can assure you he comfortably fills Chris’ orthopedic shoes. As Dave & Dom are also on holiday (very suspicious that they’re off at the same time), Vernon and Pippa are joined by a veritable who’s who of Radio! Producer Neil, Audio Producer Matt, News-reader Ashley and… Intern Travis! Highlights include: Intern Travis tells an interesting story about a “Snow day and Girls Aloud”, which leads to a startling confession from Pippa, Vernon is mistaken for the world’s number one Walkers Crisps apologist, PLUS Producer Neil comes up with an ingenious plan to sort out which class the GB athletes sit in on the Olympic Plane! All this and more on The Chris Moyles Show (with Vernon Kay) Podcast from Radio X!
Download 09-09-2016 :: Where did the summer go, eh?! Right, now the small talk is over, let’s get down to the brass tacks of The Chris Moyles Show Podcast! But what can we expect, we hear you scream? Pippa and Dave dazzle in an outfit that they probably never thought they’d ever wear. Keith Lemon says a rude(ish) word on the radio (as do the rest of the team). PLUS, Dominic and Jesse Eisenberg have the most awkward chat in the world. Ever. Fact. All this, and loads more! Dig in.
Download 16-09-2016 :: As Radio X and The Chris Moyles Show approach our first year anniversary (where the hell did the time go?!), we continue to hit you square between the eyes with more top notch podcast content! Within this super-fun edition: Sam Neill (Jurassic Park, Peaky Blinders) gets drunk with the team (especially Pippa) on red wine, Dave’s bum takes London by storm, PLUS what happens when the whole podcast is slowed down to half speed? All this and loads more! Enjoy.
Download 23-09-2016 :: There we have it… The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast has reached the HALF CENTURY! And just like Freddie Flintoff after the 2005 Ashes, we’re going to take our celebration all the way to Downing Street. Not only is it our 50th Podcast, this week the team celebrated the show and station’s first birthday! Party poppers at the ready, here are the highlights of a great week: Chris and Dom bump into some strange characters in Leicester Square which leads to a classic Dave Masterman joke, the team delve into the lyrics and meanings behind some classic songs, PLUS star of Swiss Army Man and Imperium (yes, two films!) pops in to chat to Chris about many things including 90’s wrestling! All this and much more! Here’s to another 50 Podcasts!
Download 30-09-2016 :: After the excitement and elation of Radio X’s 1st birthday celebrations, we return to normality this week on The Chris Moyles Show. Having said that, it’s largely agreeable that nothing is every truly normal with this podcast! And to prove said point, here’s what’s coming up this week: Dom’s alter ego (Nigel) discusses Taunton’s parking problems, Dave struggles to string a sentence together after possibly one or two beers in Glasgow, PLUS, Noel Gallagher stalking. Enjoy!
Purchase 07-10-2016 :: Radio X Presents... The Chris Moyles Show Pubcast! We took The Chris Moyles Show team, threw in Keith Lemon, Ben Shephard and someone called Drunk Alan, and added a London boozer on a sunny afternoon. Then recorded, well, EVERYTHING. Three and a half hours later, the tape was sent to a bunch of lawyers and libel specialists then edited down to an hour of drunken ramblings. The result is over an hour's worth of no-holds-barred, expletive-ridden fun, courtesy of your favourite show! Wanna know what it's like to sit in a pub with Chris Moyles and friends on a Friday afternoon..? Download and press play.
Download 07-10-2016 :: Well, what an exceptionally busy week it’s been here at Radio X’s Ivory Towers. Guests have appeared all over the place whilst the team have also been having shedloads of fun raising money for Global’s charity ‘Make Some Noise’. Boy oh boy, are you lot in for a treat?! Within episode 52… the brilliant DANNY DeVITO popped in to talk about all things ‘Cumudgeons’, amidst all things Scientology related, the ever-inquisitive LOUIS THEROUX dropped by, PLUS Dave and Pippa clear up the FOMO confusion, Dom strikes gold with a new TV channel idea, and Chris meets... The Carpet Inspector! Dig in!
Download 14-10-2016 :: Smorgasbord (noun): a wide range of something. OR, in the radio world, Episode 53 of The Chris Moyles Show Podcast! We really are dealing with a mixed bag this week, folks. Inside… the wonderfully lovely RON HOWARD pops in for a chat, Dave’s birthday surprise (that he seemed to enjoy a little too much), PLUS what happens when a 90’s presenter has a breakdown on air? Enjoy!
Download 21-10-2016 :: Nice one. Top one. Get yourself sorted, r kid! That’s right, folks… this week’s shows were heavily influenced by the greatest city in the world (according to Dave Masterman… even though he’s from Cheshire), Manchester! We kicked off the week there on Monday, and ended the week with Mad-chester legend Shaun Ryder live on the show. MAD FER IT etc etc… Elsewhere… Chris learns all about the benefits of juicing, Pippa treats us to more entertaining phone calls to some lucky listeners, PLUS the team try their best to educate, as well as entertain. Enjoy!
Download 28-10-2016 :: Ladies and Gentlemen, Chris, Dom, Pip Dave and Matt, have pulled it out the bag once again. This is another quite frankly stunning podcast. The one and only BRYAN CRANSTON pays a visit. Wowee. Bryan shares tales of his pet donkey and what he considers the best Crystal Meth Recipe. Pip unearths her Hungarian adventures and how she found herself in a wine cellar. The exceptional and marvel-lous BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH discusses both his favourite on-screen and off screen Doctors with Dom following the ‘Dr Strange’ release. And as if that’s not enough, Lord Sugar pops in, Chris Tarrant makes an appearance and by just HOW MUCH does Dom smash his ‘Sober for October’ fundraising target? GET READY for the ride of your life. Enjoy!
Download 04-11-2016 :: Alright you WONDERFUL lot, a particularly spontaneous and special podcast awaits your listen. Although the team have been away this week, this has not impacted their podcast performance at all. In fact, in this one, the team try out a completely new method of communicating with each other. This is not one to be missed. Dom discusses his plans to visit Dominic the Seal, Pip and Chris, or is it Steve Penk?! give Andi Peters a call. And the team try to get to the bottom of Dave losing Hannah's keys. Until next week, Podcastees. Enjoy!
Download 11-11-2016 :: Are you lot ready to be shaken up for the second time this week? Well, you better be ready as the quite frankly HEROIC team are back on Breakfast! This week's podcast executes more formidable content and is 90% Trump free. So if you are looking for some much needed entertainment, WE CAN SORT YOU LOT OUT. We have served you up a storm of a show once again; Chris and the Team ft. some punks you may have heard of called GREEN DAY are in. The lads are launching their new onesie fashion line and of course their timely ‘Revolution Radio’ album. Is ‘Trainspotting the Oasis of the Movie World?’ EWAN MCGREGOR chats to Dom who seems to be particularly interested in understanding which day of the week Ewan puts his bins out. Treats are in store for everyone this week. Not only is it Dom’s big birthday, but the real COOKIE MONSTER pops in! Amongst all the omelettes, cake and sweet and sour prawn balls, Dom earns his racing stripes onboard his Birthday present: a mobility scooter. There is quite simply, too much to miss. Enjoy!
Download 18-11-2016 :: That's right, the mischievous and ever inquisitive team are back with more exceptionally crafted content JUST FOR YOU LOVELY LOT. The brilliant and multi-talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt pops in to talk through his own views on the highs and lows of the Snowden Scandal. The team treat him to a very special Oasis cover recording. The well-mannered and beloved Nigel is back on local radio! Although this week Nigel seems to have lost his trail of thought. Backstreet Boys fan Dave Masterman takes a more hands-on approach with the listeners in Leicester Square. Talking Party Tricks, Chris recounts to Pip, Dom and Dave just why he can’t cross his fingers. Do they host their own in-house on-air Competition? Do they accept a Back To The Future Wedding Invitation or are they too late? Only one way to find out… Get Involved.
Download 25-11-2016 :: ROLL UP, ROLL UP! BLACK FRIDAY OFFER, WHILE STOCKS LAST (which, as it’s an electronic download, is pretty much forever)! This podcast is 100% FREE! Unbelievable, right?! ‘But, what can be found inside this absolute bargain’, we hear you cry, as you aggressively push each other out the way as the podcast doors open to the public? 007 legend and all-round splendid gentleman SIR ROGER MOORE dials into the show! Dominic Byrne meets JENNIFER ANISTON in a dark central London hotel room (which doesn’t sound creepy at all…). PLUS, who did Chris embarrass himself in front of outside Leicester Square tube station (if this isn’t click-bait, we don’t know what is!)? And if that’s not enough, find out what happens when Pippa meets someone called Matt Funbags, why Nigel was singing about Ham, Egg and Chips, and Dave’s troubling chin hair. Enjoy!
Download 02-12-2016 :: Welcome to the DIAMOND edition of The Chris Moyles Show Podcast (Diamond in no other way than the fact that it’s our 60th edition). Within this very special (not that special at all) instalment, we aim to make you as loose and sloppy as Dave Masterman after numerous shots of super strength whiskey (this will make sense once you’ve listened, FYI). NoBu connoisseur Andi Peters pops by. Chris digs out a particularly special/contentious Leeds United football song. PLUS, the team plan a very exciting Paintballing day at Vernon’s mansion, complete with Turkey Legs. Enjoy!
Download 09-12-2016 :: WELL Hello Guys and Gals, prepare to launch your party poppers and shower in Prosecco because it’s officially Christmas here at Radio X! ALED JONES has descended from the air and switches on the team's Christmas Lights, it’s the Work Christmas Party (Pip and Dave luckily have audio evidence) AND its the wonderful PIPPA TAYLOR’S Birthday!!! And if that’s not enough tantalising content… the BEAUTIFUL JENNIFER ANNISTON chats hairstyles with Dom currently sporting a new look. The famed 21 Simpsons voice over artist and Spinal Tap Legend HARRY SHEARER pops in. And when Dave is not knocking back his Advent Whiskeys, exposes to the team a very critical Costa based announcement. Grab your beverage and let's get cracking! Cheers!
Download 16-12-2016 :: If you like BIG guests on average-sized radio shows, then boy oh boy oh boy, this is the podcast for you! We enjoy a game that really shouldn’t work on the radio (but did) called ‘Prosecco Popping With Pippa!’ (can you guess what it’s about??). Chris is joined by everyone’s favourite scouser… ABBEY CLANCY! Once again, JAMIE OLIVER swings by to tell us how to actually do Christmas lunch, not before getting all carried away with burgers. PLUS, on the week of the release of Rogue One, we’re joined by not one, but TWO Star Wars stars, in the impressive shape of FOREST WHITAKER and FELICITY JONES! Enjoy!
Download 23-12-2016 :: Hello you wonderful, festive and all round LOVEABLE lot. So That Is It. Amidst gallons of Whiskey, copious but nevertheless delightful Dominic The Donkey renditions and an entourage of Mr Toby Tarrant impressions, Podcast 63 has formed. Not a fan of Panto Classics, well fortunately for you Ralf Little pops in to discuss his play ‘Dead Funny’; the clue is definitely in the name. Go Go Go! The winners of many a Christmas games are announced including the infamous Rob DJ quiz. Dom carries out a spontaneous levitation act, Angry Manc introduces the team to his children and EVERYBODY gets a call from Santa! HOW WONDERFUL. Right team, this really is a blizzard of delight, have an absolute cracker of a Christmas and catch the team back in the second week of Jan.
Download 30-12-2016 :: Hello dearest listener. Now, as we love you just as much as you love us (we hope), Chris Moyles et al have recorded a very special podcast that can sit comfortably between Christmas and New Year (or wherever the hell you want it to sit, if you’re listening in the future!). Anyway, without further ado, here’s 13 minutes 11 seconds of what can – at best – be described as a ‘slightly odd’ piece of radio content. Enjoy!