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By Topher
Ha - I heard the tail end of that, well done. Although the loser got tickets too... I wonder if he'd have done the same for you if she won!
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By G-Sizzle
It was very brief at about 6:40 this morning.
Pippa mentioned how you were a fan and Chris instantly assumed you hated him and the show!
Pippa put him right and said how lovely you were.

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By Trigger
The whole legsit thing.

I know Moyles has had beef with the Fail (around Quiz Night era) but I wonder if he should stick to making us laugh? Anyway social media does tend to bring out the po-faced among them. SOH sadly lacking these days. All politicians should be fair game it's just no-one is keeping score when it comes to male politicians being ridiculed, so everyone only notices when it happens to the wummin.
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By Topher
Male politicians are not judged on their legs though - and the Mail like to bang on about how the burqa is demeaning to women when their paper is far more demeaning to women.
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