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By Nicola_Red
That is amazing. His little face!

How about this one?

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By Johnny 1989
Evening all, remember that bastard thing that happened to me back on Wednesday well things only got worse from then on. Thursday was fine, had a day resting my ankle, however all went wrong Friday.

We had a thunderstorm which was fairly heavy and managed to fill up our back patio to near door level but it stopped and it started subsiding, I got an appointment at the doctors, got a "fit to fly letter" & went back to the hotel.

Before going back to the room we went to the hotel bar for lunch & a quick drink, however within half hour what followed was the worst thunderstorm I have ever seen, the pool overflowed there was water pouring down the stairs back up to the rooms (this was an outside hotel if you get what I mean by that) and down the ramp to the pool, the water turned muddy, the pool overflowed and the water started getting inside to the lobby

To cut a long story short when my Godfather went back up to our room & opened the door water poured out, the room had filled up 14-18 inches high and we lost some of possesions (although not as much as we thought we would).

It ruined what had been a rather relaxing holiday (the twisted ankle was a bummer but all in all didn't spoil it for me that much considering) and really scared the shit out of me.

To top it all off on Saturday we ended up queing for 1 and a half hours just to get our baggaged sorted at the airport and to pass through passport control (there was one bloke checking the passports of around 3000 people & no I'm not exagirating (sp)) with that and the day before of the three days I was told to rest my ankle I got a day and a half which can't have done it any good.

In all honesty the whole thing has left me a little upset, a holiday I had been so looking forward to and had started off so well was ruined, it's a holiday I'll never forget but for not the right reasons. :(

I feel so sorry for the people of Kefalonia too, the damage cause by the storm is going to cost them hundreds of thousands of pounds, seems someone really has it in for Greece at the mo what with all the bollocks they've had in the last 12 months.

Apologies for my long post, it's been a horrible few days
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By foot-loose
That sounds awful mate. I take it you're back home now?

You'd assume the hotel would have dealt with storms before so why hadn't they done something to prevent such a mess? Or am I underestimating how bad it was?
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By Johnny 1989
foot-loose wrote:That sounds awful mate. I take it you're back home now?

You'd assume the hotel would have dealt with storms before so why hadn't they done something to prevent such a mess? Or am I underestimating how bad it was?

Yep I am now, returned Saturday.

Well my Dad asked the barmaid had they had storms like this before and she said she had never seen anything like it before in her life, she, the receptionist and hotel handyman (all of which looked like they were in their mid to late 20s) looked as frigtened as us, they had never seen such madness.

What didn't help was that the newer build next to it had a 20ft stone wall built along the same line as the hotel, which had a more natural wall, so anything running down there probably hit that wall and ran towards the hotel (this newer build had hardly any water running towards it) plus a much newer house built just above the hotel about 50ft away up the mountain.

It seemed as if the hotel got there first, everyone else built round it as it was in a prim location (over the road from the best beach in the area) and the original natural course had been redirected unintentionally onto the hotel.

I can post pics but I don't think anyone would be interested.
DevilsDuck wrote:I blame the government, surely they should be able to sort it in this day in age

Welcome home Johnny

Well poor old Greece doesn't seem to be having much luck at the mo does it, and thanks, first time I've ever wanted to get back to Ilford so quickly [emoji38]

Oh I don't think I mentioned it up above but during the early hours of the morning after the storm there was a temor that mentioned 1.3 on the ricter scale in the area, definately a cursed holiday.
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For the love of all that is rock n roll could we please never hear 'Dying of the Light' by Noel Gallagher ever again on this show. Playing such a downbeat song on a breakfast show is like saying 'Go back to bed, people!... The world doesn't need you today!'

Looking forward to hearing them play the new Bond theme next, I shall have my razor blades at the ready...(!)

Apart from that small gripe...rock on! :)
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By chrysostom
I've developed a panic disorder linked to my surgery, meaning (even if I'm not stressed) I can randomly have a panic attack if something reminds my body of post-surgery complications. Involving profuse sweating (as if someone threw around 100ml of water over me), palpitations, 'fizzing' of vision and sometimes eventual collapse. Good fun.
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By Nicola_Red
I foolishly thought that as I'm 40, people wouldn't ask me and Mr Red if/when we were having kids. I WAS WRONG. It's intrusive and rude and I feel like I'm re-living a lot of the 'lady issues' I've had/am still having every time some idiot friend of his asks. Not happy.
By Tunster
Registered my new son at the local registry office today. Went to sit down with my partner in front of the registrar. Then she opened her gob and said... "Right, do you have the death certificate please?"

My partner stumbled and said... "Ummmm. We're here to register our son. Not a death." From this point, the registrar got more embarrassed and weird. Hope I won't have to go a registry office again.
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By Yudster
She made a mistake. No-one actually died (thank goodness) and you got your son's birth registered. If that's the worst thing that happened to you yesterday, you had a pretty good day.
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By Topher
The Android app got uninstalled, it was intensely irritating that afte I'd been in it, I kept getting notified all day about who's currently on air.
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By slaphead1982
Topher wrote:The Android app got uninstalled, it was intensely irritating that afte I'd been in it, I kept getting notified all day about who's currently on air.

Did you? I've never had that hassle.
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By MadTheEddos
The cold.

Tonight I got caught in a sleet storm. Sleet, hail, freezing winds, the works! It felt like January. And there have been snow showers for the last few days where I am.
I've experienced freezing weather in April before, but at the beginning of April, not the end. This is just depressing.

This is the 200th anniversary of the "Year Without A Summer" in 1816, and right now it feels like it's doing a great job of repeating itself. :(
By Trigger
Well it's been a long time for this thread.

Click on Facebook it said. Green Day are LIVE it said. No, Green Day are not live. Green Day WERE live...until the bit where there are adverts and they stop being live. So what I get is the beginning of the interview, the bit I already heard.

So I head to Radio X website, no live video there. But I do get an advert - a proper one, 30 second one.

Either do a live feed to the studio like R1 days and leave the station logo on during the break or don't bother, is my point.
By Trigger
Mind if I post some more shit here? Ta. It's my brain dump and I always feel better for it after. This is my thoughts on that Dinosaur Bristow.

If that darts shite comes on in my local again whilst Andy Murray is winning another tournament I will vote with my feet. They had Darts on the big Screen and Andy on the small one. Define masculinity? Oh yeah I'm sure it keeps Murray up every night thinking about how he can be more like Eric giving it the big I am down his local. What a fecking dinosaur.
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