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By Topher
We've just finished watching a film and when we turned the TV on, Dave Gorman's Modern Life is Goodish was on.

I watched the last 15 minutes, which was partly about his celebrity lookalike story (which was very good) and partly about the poem he came up with composed of internet comments about the badger cull. Then the credits rolled and I spotted this:


What's that about then?! I don't think it's because of the badger cull comments, as I don't recall that being discussed on here - it is, of course, entirely possible there was a mention of the site before I started watching it, but I'd be surprised, as I'm assuming someone would have spotted it already. I'm assuming the programme is made for Dave, seeing as the badger cull is relatively topical.
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By neilt0
They may have nicked a photo "from" here. The Daily Mail nicked a screengrab from the old Moyles web stream that I posted on here. They credited it as (c) BBC, which was strictly true, but maybe Gorman's "people" thought a pic they found here originated here. Or somefink.
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By Yudster
I saw that but didn't recognise it as being from here - who wrote it? Deeply hope it wasn't me.....

Love Dave Gorman by the way.
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By dimtimjim
Wow, a 2002 thread...

Also love DG. And Yuds, but that's another matter.
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By Yudster
It really is. Best one ever.
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By Uglybob
what i want to know is how did he get to here?

hello by the way, uglybob here, genuine article, still farting about but noticably older and dare say it, probably a bit more sensible.

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