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The Afternoon Show on BBC Radio 1 contained many regular and one-off features, either with just the team participating or sometimes with members of the public or celebrities phoning in to take part. The following is an incomplete list of features on the show:

A Book At Tea Time

The Afternoon Mystery Sound

Bang Will's Head Against The Studio Window

The self-explanatory premise of this feature was that Will Kinder banged his head against the studio window as many times as he could in 30 seconds, whilst wearing a helmet.

Bap Idol

As a response to reality TV show Pop Idol, Chris staged a competition in 2001 called Bap Idol, most probably to do with ladies' breasts. It was won by Nikki, 19, from Essex.

BB Aled

Aled Jones joined the team on loan from Dave Pearce's show as 'BB Aled', the show's Big Brother correspondent in 2001. Aled would report the latest news from the then-popular Channel 4 reality show every week, and later became a full time member of the team.

Big Blubber

In an effort to lose weight in 2001, Chris and the rest of the team; Comedy Dave, Will Kinder and Lizzie Buckingham went out training with 'Gym Lady Jane' in London's Regents Park. Jane would rate their performance individually, and the best trainer of the week would win the 'Licky-Licky Brown-Nose' trophy and be forced to make a speech. In 2002, Chris ran the Great North Run in a time of 1 hour 57 minutes and reached his lowest weight since he was a teenager. He later piled the pounds back on, though.

Big Mutha

Chris' spoof of reality TV show Big Brother. "10 DJs, 14 microphones and no jingles" was the strapline for the parody.

Camp Cops

Dave and Will performed sketches in the guise of camp police officers.


A feature introduced in 2001 which involved callers singing songs in their car. A contestant called Lucy was almost arrested live on air when the police told her to move on while she was talking to Chris.