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A Week In The Life Of Chris Moyles was a series of YouTube videos uploaded to Chris Moyles' YouTube channel. The first was uploaded on 31 August 2014. As of 4 December 2014, fourteen videos had been uploaded along with bonus videos showing Chris' reaction to watching Leeds United on the TV and a parody of the John Lewis Penguin advertisement. They were usually released on a Friday, but were made available to his Facebook fans on the Thursday evening. There have been no further videos uploaded since 4 December 2014, with Moyles saying that he was "taking a break" from his YouTube career.

Episode Listing

Date Episode Information
31st August 2014 Week 1
  • Chris is in Hollywood with Ross King, who plays the theme to Hawaii Five-O on the piano.
  • Chris then goes to downtown LA to see Ed Sheeran live, after some confusion with the tickets he gets in.
  • Ed Sheeran cameos at the end of the video
5th September 2014 Week 2
  • Chris travels to Sheffield to join Ant & Dec on their Takeaway on Tour
  • Chris reveals he is sharing a room with Peter Andre and Andy Collins
  • Ant & Dec cameo at the end of the video
12th September 2014 Week 3
  • Chris goes to the gym and introduces us to his 'not-celebrity' trainer, Jamie
  • Chris then goes to London to get a haircut
  • Mel C cameos at the end of the video
19th September 2014 Week 4
  • Chris tries a more healthy start to the day
  • There's a cut to Steph & Dom from Gogglebox on a sofa displaying disdain at the 'crap' they are watching, presumably Chris' video
  • Chris embarks upon a road trip with his friend Gavin to Sandwich
  • They pass through Canterbury and play a game where they shout 'Brian!' to strangers
  • The video ends on the sofa from before
26th September 2014 Week 5
  • Chris takes us through some of his verified Twitter followers
3rd October 2014 Week 6
  • Chris tells us about his return to Facebook
  • Chris can't believe that the Mirror newspaper printed his joking around with Tinder as the truth when it was only a joke.
  • He also sets the record straight about allegations in the newspapers regarding his involvement in a tax avoidance scheme
10th October 2014 Week 7
  • Chris introduces his friend Mitch, who does voice-overs. Mitch's face is obscured by a hat.
  • He also responds to comments on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Ben Forster guests in a clip of a busker being crushed by a giant object.
17th October 2014 Week 8
  • Chris pays tribute to his friend Stephanie (formerly Simon) Hirst, who has announced that she is going to be a woman.
  • He also shows off his new equipment that he has bought for making his videos.
  • The rest of the video is a look backstage at the musical Evita with his friend Ben Forster.
24th October 2014 Week 9
  • Chris travels to Norwich with TV personality Jake Humphrey.
  • They stop off for some fast food on the way and Chris embarrasses Jake.
  • They meet Norwich City FC captain Russell Martin and get to go on the pitch at Norwich City's Carrow Road ground.
  • Former Radio 1 DJ and frequent Breakfast Show contributor Tim Westwood appears on the telephone near the end.
31st October 2014 Week 10
  • Chris retaliates to press stories about his new YouTube channel, with Keith Chegwin voicing the press articles.
  • His friend Ffion does a Halloween theme makeover of Chris.
7th November 2014 Week 11
  • Chris sends Tweets to famous people and waits for their reply.
  • That's pretty much it.
7th November 2014 #moyleseyandpenguin
  • Chris does a parody of the 2014 John Lewis Christmas advert, featuring Gavin Inskip as the penguin and Ffion from the Week 10 video as a female penguin.
  • As of 18 November 2014, this is the most watched video on the channel, with over 68,500 views.
14th November 2014 Week 12
  • Using a recipe stolen from YouTube, Chris bakes cupcakes.
20th November 2014 Week 13
  • Chris talks about the S Club 7 reunion for Children in Need.
  • He was also cleaning up after his boiler was leaking.
  • He also "talks to" Len Goodman about "allegations" on This Morning that he "pays for sex".
4th December 2014 Week 14
  • He joins Phillip Schofield on his marathon TV broadcast for ITV's Text Santa charity appeal.
  • He also says he will try and get a video out before Christmas.
  • He didn't.


The videos gathered between 13,500 and 93,000 views as of September 2015. The channel itself has approximately 16,000 subscribers.

Former broadcaster Steve Penk, a long time enemy of Moyles, branded the videos "rubbish", prompting Chris to retaliate by tweeting "Don't use my name to gain some headlines for yourself. Do something interesting and see what happens. Or just go away. Either or"

In October 2014, The Sun, The Mirror and the Guardian newspapers all ran articles painting Chris as a "desperate loser" whose "cringeworthy" YouTube videos are gathering "a fraction" of the listenership he had on Radio One. Moyles responded on his official Facebook page by thanking them for the publicity which has propelled him to over 10,000 subscribers on the YouTube channel. He also said: "If the point was to embarrass me and make me run away and hide.. it 100% hasn't worked. Haters will hate, and people who support me will do so with comments and tweets that they send me. Thanks for that. It's much appreciated."

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