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By Mike
Hi All,<P>Does anyone know where I can download instrumentals for songs?... I know you can find some on Napster but are there any sites hwihc just guve instrumentals?...<P>Finally, if anyone has the Hear'Say P&S inst. could ya let me know  <IMG SRC="">)<P>Thanks<P>Mike
By Tom_Murphy
it's slightly worrying that you are looking for the p+s instrumental, but....<P>i think you can create your own instrumentals using sound forge - you can download it on the spanner's site <P>
By Mike
Hey,<P>Urmmmmm, I dont think in Sound Forge you can simple slice the vocal layer???.. if ya can would like to know how <g> I know on mid's you can take layers in and out but not in mp3s or wavs.. maybe im wrong i dunno....<P>I want the P&S instrumental coz I want to play with someat <G><P>Mike
By Guesty
Cool Edit Pro can remove vocals.. it sometimes works and sometimes doesnt though :/
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By Eddie
It depends on the way the song is to produced as to whether or not you can cut a vocal. On programmes such as sound forge there are options to cut vocals but the way it does it is to remove all material that is 100% centred panned i.e it comes equally out of the middle of the stero range (Not panned at all left or right)In some songs this portion is often just the vocal and hence using this function will remove the vocal but often the vocal is panned slightly to one side or the reverb for the vocal is so this function works to an extent but will leave some voice there. Hope this helps<P>Eddie
By Mike
Hey All,<br>OK i have the programes mentioned but does anyone know where the option is to do so?<P>Eddie, thanks very much for the explanation  :) explained things a bit better! ta!<P>Mike
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By Eddie
Mike, On sound forge the option is in the "process" menu (Which only comes up when you have a wav. file loaded) and then on the "process" menu go down to "Channel Convertor" and in the dialogue box that opens go to the drop down menu "name" and go down to the bottom option "Stereo to stereo -vocal cut(remove center material)" and bobs your uncle. For a lot of tracks it doesn't work though! good luck trying!<P>Eddie
By Mike
hey Eddie,<P>Thanks again!! SF seems to work better than Cool Edit Pro for some reason...!<P>Thanks to y'all,<P>Mike