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By Uglybob
buy the album fantastic
By sigimck
their singles are good
By Alice
I like the singles, they make me laugh because the lead singer looks like he should be in westlife but then he goes and smashes up his guitar
By Guest
I was talking to my friends about the single, and they we're teasing me 'cos they've never heard of it.  So I said it sounded a bit like Moby, and they teased me again 'cos they hate Moby.  They also think that rock music is the same as indie music.  Just 'cos all they like is 5ive, Westlife and Craig David.  At least I'm original!
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By Lawrie
hillary is A babe AND VERY VERY HORNY
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By Uglybob
i agree<br>
By the_esoteric_mynciboy
but was she better with blond hair or her new brownish colour? hmm<p>[This message has been edited by the esoteric mynciboy (edited 04 November 2000).]
By uglybob,
sorry for some explorer doesnt auto do the passwords like netscape but it is me cos netscape is acting weird. what im trying to say is , are theyre any nice images of hillary floating about and ferringtons zipped trousers come to think of it<br>

Should be ok now :)