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By swaddon1903
He's in the papers again according to his Instagram today. Two downmarket tabloids are talking about his weight loss, his blonde/grey hairstyle, £100k Porsche and the missus.
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By dreamer1978
It’s the Sun but they are saying that everyone at Global is in the firing line due to ad revenue being down. That Chris, Johnny and Jamie Theakson could be chopped. I wonder if they do the job cuts, will they cut the producers down to 1 and it would probably mean James may go. ... o-cuts-dj/
By wireman2004
The article contradicts itself. It also says I the same article that presenters are not at risk.

I don't know what other presenters will do. But I imagine that Chris will not allow anyone from his team. (Including james) go. He has always been very loyal to his team.

I think that the people in the firing line would be people like Ashley Robert's on heart breakfast. How much does she get paid for 2 or 3 90 second celebrity bulletins.
By swaddon1903
It's hardly the presenters' fault if ad revenue is down. Most companies are scaling back on advertising because of this pandemic.

Still, it's in the Sun, so it must be bullshit.

Should be ok now :)