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I've been using the global player app for a while now and it's been fantastic. The only 'problem' being enough time to listen to all the great content.

But recently its become more and more problematic (I'm using Android). It started when playing downloaded episodes, specifically when pausing and then resuming. It wouldn't resume again, meaning I need to quit the app, reload, wait for the annoying advert to finish and try again, most times that I pause and resume.

Then it stopped downloading episodes.Whole days of the show would appear not to exist. So I took Chris' advice and uninstalled the app, reinstalled. It now saw the episodes exist, but wouldn't download 'Download failure'. Tried again, this time clearing all data in between, still the same.

I've now resorted to streaming via catchup.

I've tried to report the issues a couple of different ways, but not had a response either way.

Is it just me or is anyone else having problems? I thought maybe just me until I did a bit of googling and found matches in comments not only on Google Play store, but iTunes too, so I wondered how widespread the problems were...

Comments / suggestions welcome.

I’ve got the Radio X app installed on my iPhone. I mainly use it for listening to the show live. I am subscribed to TCMS however and it downloads everyday for me perfectly.

The only real issue I have with the app/listen again is the sound quality. It’s quite unbelievable that an unofficial source offers a better alternative to the official service. But other than that the app genuinely works flawlessly and I’ve basically used it since the launch of X and it’s only improved for me.
Chris's Voice

I haven't really noticed any change to his voice. […]