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neilt0 wrote:Ian, the live recorded show has several dropouts, but I've put it in our shared folder. The GLAR below is much lower quality, so if you can use the live show and piece it together, it'll be higher quality.

TCMS Unedited Thursday 28th March, 2019


I upsampled the 48kbps GLAR and losslessly spliced the missing parts in to the 128kbps Streamwriter incomplete version for this show to get us the best quality version:

TCMS Uncut/Spliced Thursday 28th March, 2019

Streamwriter/MP3DirectCut/128kbps, spliced with GLAR/M4a/48kbps for missing parts

I'll also attempt to do this for the other shows that were low quality.
neilt0 wrote:Do we need another recording or is mine OK?

No I'm pretty sure yours is OK, it's got the ads that Chris mistakenly started being cut off and going back to the game. But apparently those listening on the app still heard the full ad break, missing most of the game. And then they had to run more adverts later because they hadn't appeared on the FM transmitters.
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