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By jezrosssmith
Chris has actually given Dave a brief mention a couple of times that I’ve heard recently. One last week or the week before when they were talking about a track on the parody album I think when Chris said something like ‘you can blame Dave for that one’ then laughed and yesterday on an Instagram video he posted from America when someone asked if Comedy Dave was with him and he said ‘No Dave’s not with me’. It stuck out to me as he’s been rock solid silent on it. Then someday made a couple of comments on one of the Facebook videos about Dave and Chris responded by telling the guy to stop being a pr*ck or something like that. Maybe they’re slowly making up? It would be nice even if they keep it away from the public.

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By fish heads
Chris has mentioned Dave maybe a handful of times on X, similar to the above mention - very briefly - then moved on. This doesn't sound like anything new I'm afraid. Reading between the lines, I don't think Chris is massively pleased Dave is doing Breakfast on the rebranded Key 103, but hey, that's life.
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By obidankenobi
There was a slightly jokey mention on the show this morning (Tuesday 22nd) at 1:56ish where they were talking about their listening figures in Manchester, and Chris said something along the lines of "I've heard the competition in Manchester, and just when you thought it couldn't get any worse..." and then he moved on. I didn't take it as an anger filled dig at Dave, I think it was more jokey, but sadly I wouldn't say they've made up...
By jthw5
Chris said something in today’s show implying that he was encouraging his listeners to send in Toby Lerones to Dave’s new show. I hope someone manages it just to see what he says when if/when they play it out.
By Trigger
The Toby campaign should be directed at Dave's new station rather than just his new show, that's how wide the goal posts should be.

I remember the days of Stannage, that station was epic, then it just went all cheesy, getting your teeth whitened for radio etc. And then I had the misfortune of hearing Galaxy. Then it just snowballed from there. You realise all the creative industries lack a Moyles. They need a Moyles so badly, I personally would clone the bloke. ITV - Cheesy. BBC - Full of stupid lefties. Channel 4 - A local London channel.

Sky - Now that's a real let down. Another London channel. Ohh heres another drama about a man from London.

So basically all Media is urban.

I listen to Classic FM these days cos aint got DAB. I love Classic FM, it's not about the personalities, I drive around and I feel like I'm IN a film...never mind watching one.

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