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By James H
chrysostom wrote:James, could you stop being such a great guy? You're making the rest of us LOOK BAD.

Sorry, I can't help it! :D
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By dimtimjim
Nice one James - very good of you to sort Toph out.

hope all is working now Toph and sounding/looking good.

I finally got my stereo in yesterday. Happy boy now.
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By dimtimjim
Just back on this subject - DAB radio all fitted nice n dandy in the motor.

However, there is a specific spot on the A14 (between J9 and J8) where my signal drops out - and Sod's law being what it is, I somehow manage to get the timing spot on EVERY day to miss some funnyness that Moyles is spouting - NEVER pass that zone while Adverts or high-repetition (apparently) songs are playing. Sooooo annoying.
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By Topher
My signal has been ace the last couple of days, even when it normally drops out just as I'm coming out of Milton Keynes it's been pretty much okay, maybe drops for a second - the signal thing is a bit of an enigma, must have something to do with weather or atmosphere. Tim, shame you're not further up the A14, it's pretty much fine from Brixworth up to the M6.
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By dimtimjim
Yeah, Toph, overall i'm very impressed with the signal service with the new DAB, but... And, I have to say, when it does drop out on this section of the A14, I only tend to miss a few seconds worth, but always seems to be at a crucial Moyles time, never in an Advert. Humph.

Oh well, $hit happens.

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