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By Topher
Yoohoo will forever remind me of Frozen now. "Yoohoo! Big summer blowout."
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By Yudster
Yoohoo! Nice to meet you all.
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By dimtimjim

Reminds me of glue...
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By Frothy Bevvy
The Deadly wrote:
PlasticKnife wrote:Hi Im new. Been luking for years waitng for Chris's return. Here we go guys!!! :D

Are you male or female?

The Deadly wrote:
Boboff wrote:Hi I am Boboff.

I like blackcurrant cheesecake, and I once ate a who pack of the colured toffos.

Hi, male or female?

By Lizfish
Hi everyone. New to the forum but long-time appreciator (is that a word?) of your work.

Currently appreciating your full-length ad less downloads . I normally manage to listen to the first half hour but after that it gets a bit difficult so the downloads are brilliant. I do like some
of the music on radio x but a lot of it isn't my bag so not having that is a bit of a plus really. Although sometimes I end up looking for a song on Spotify if it's a good one!

I also made use of the podcasts you did of the back catalogue when moyles left radio one. I never did make through them all, but they eased the pain for a while!

Thanks so much. Let me know if I can contribute anywhere to hosting costs etc. Would be happy to.

PS am loving new Chris even more than old Chris. When he asked Dom to drop a story because it was a "bit Daily Mail" the other day I wanted to kiss him through the phone. That and playing Culture Club. Standard.
By SwedishFish
Hello! Started listening to the Chris Moyles Show about 15 months before it ended on Radio 1. It was a big difference from anything I'd heard before, it was a great chock when the end was announced, I had finally found a great motivation to get up in the morning.

This site helped me get to listen to the old shows, I've been listening to the 2005-2007 shows the last couple of years.

Glad Chris is back, I try to listen as much as possible to the new show.
By chrisfanaust
Have read this forum on and off for years. I'm from Australia but spend just over 2 years in England and loved his Radio 1 show.

Now I listen to every episode in Australia, usually the day after but it's a good way to spend 3 and a bit hours! And is better than anything on Australian Radio.
By chrisfanaust
It's very different. I'm based in Sydney and the number one station is a Talk Station, the same in Melbourne.

All the breakfast shows are very safe on FM. One link, maybe ask callers something and a song. Plus all mainstream stations playlists are very small, although the same could be said for Radio X!

Ironically the Drive slot is the most competitive at the moment and has probably the best 2 shows on Radio up against each other.

Having done and still continuing to work in Radio it amazes me how safe it is here. That's why the Moyles show appealed to me because it's different. I've been saying for a few years now that Australian Radio needs a Moyles type show even if it's tamer. But nobody is willing to try it. English Radio (not just Moyles) is so much better than most of the rubbish we have here.
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By slaphead1982
Wow. Maybe It's because I live here but I always saw British radio as safe. I've never heard the type of shows your Island produces but if you think Mr. Moyles is needed then you must must be in trouble. I consider him funny but just borderline to be accepted.
By chrisfanaust
Radio here used to be better but on the whole is very safe these days.

And that's the thing about Moyles, I don't find him hilarious (although he can be at times), I just think the whole show, both his new and old one is entertaining and good to listen too. Dom is by far the funniest though!
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By Topher
To be fair, wasn't it an Australian show that did the prank call to William and Kate's hospital, pretending to be the Queen when they were having the baby and ended up causing a nurse's suicide? Not that safe...
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By Yudster
Topher wrote:To be fair, wasn't it an Australian show that did the prank call to William and Kate's hospital, pretending to be the Queen when they were having the baby and ended up causing a nurse's suicide? Not that safe...

It was - I always thought that was more a thoughtless juvenile prank that had an unusually tragic outcome than cutting edge broadcasting though...
By Dean Mills
Hello all, I just wanted to say thankyou for all the hard work that people have done to provide the full show downloads, and for providing the website. I have been listening to about 3 repeat shows a day whilst at work. They make me laugh all the time and bring back some great memories. Especially car park catchphrase. Currently up to 2007, so another few years to go! and many happy days reminiscing.

All the best, Dean
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By Yudster
Jrmmkc wrote:
Been a Chris moyles for a long time

How's that working out for you James?
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By thiscrs
Hello all, I'm newly registered but been lurking for years.

Actually, I may have registered years ago but can't remember the username or email address I would have registered with.
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