Request and download your Moyles-related sound or video clips in here
By R94N
Woah, no way, I had no idea they had even appeared on an episode! Was that the show with Dale Winton?
By bmstinton93
Yeah it is! And i must admit i have a secret love for the show. I have always wanted to do the trolley dash at the end.
By DarroM
I enjoy Supermarket Sweep also. I would also like to see that episode when they were on since I never seen it. Don't know if its on Youtube but assumed it is not if you are requesting it.
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By Uglybob
dales supermarket sweep is being shown on challenge tv on freeview 46. i saw end credits for todays show and it says 2007 so could be a chance you could see it there
By R94N
Challenge is like a blast from the past every single day. Old Crystal Maze episodes, Takeshi's Castle episodes from the 80s (or so it seems), old random crap like that. It's brilliant!
By R94N
No idea, we have Sky but I don't watch much TV. Virgin 1 doesn't exist on Sky anymore, but I know that's not Freeview! :D
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By McGuinness-89
My mam's got freeview and has just got Challenge.Great channel, Crystal Maze, Catchphrase and Family Fortunes without z-lists "celebrities".Proper telly! :D
By Webbfoot
Would anyone happen to having working downloads of when the team was in Wales ahead of the Big Weekend? I think it was Summer 2010. Thanks in advance!

Also, is there any other place for bits and bobs of videos? The section on the website seems to be down.
By Webbfoot
Bangor, it is. Thanks. If you have the versions which can be watched on an old ipod, that would be even more ace.
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By neilt0
Webbfoot wrote:Bangor, it is. Thanks. If you have the versions which can be watched on an old ipod, that would be even more ace.

Click the link in my signature -- I uploaded them all a year ago. recodes them, so you might find a version you can play, otherwise you can recode.

You can also play the original FLV files with VLC on a Pee Cee, Mac or even some phones. I played them with MX Player on my Android phone.

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