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By Ezza
Archers and orange please!
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By Yudster
Whisky Mac please - and not a whisky and ginger ale, like they gave me in my local the other night when I asked for a whisky mac, a proper one!
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By Munki Bhoy
Double vodka and coke. It's been that sort of Monday morning and a single won't get it done.
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By DevilsDuck
Hot water for my Lemsip please!

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By timp
More alcohol, preferably absinthe please zoot (still not received the last drink though, had to use real alcohol)
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By jocky85
vodka lemonade and lime please, make it a double!
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By timp
foot-loose wrote:I love how this is still going. :)

Yeah I felt it needed a little bump :P
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By Zoot
foot-loose wrote:I know the feeling...


I'm on the hot honey and lemon today
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By timp
Lots and lots of alcohol please, I've finished my exams :D
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By Johnny 1989
A bottle of Vodka & a straw please, really really shit day (got nothing done that I wanted to do at work as the * phone rang constantly all day.)
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By John22
I'm underage, so it'll have to be soft, (unless the law is different in Zoot's bar?) but strong.

Not a good day.

On any level.
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By timp
....and coffee and water for the hangover :(
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By AndyJ
Seeing as it's Friday, and work is nearly done for the week, Can I have a Pint of Oranjeboom please. Haven't had some of that for ages!
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By charla
Absinthe please. I feel like passing out for a bit.
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By jocky85
Strong coffee required - studying!
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By Zoot
Ok, Random quick pub quiz question-

According to the theme tune, which 3 characters share He-Mans Secret?
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By Munki Bhoy
Eh... the Sorceress? Or was she a princess? Man at Arms and Orcle or however you spell it were the other two.
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By foot-loose
Dada dada daahh, dada dada da daahh, dada dada dada da daahh.

I am Adam, Prince of Eternia and defender of Castle Greyskull. This is Cringer, my fearless friend. Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and said "by the power of Grayskull.... I HAVE THE POWER!!!111one!"

Cringer became the mental* Battle Cat and I became He-Man... The Most Powerful Man In The Universe. Three friends share this secret... **

*Cringer was possibly not mental - it might be another word that I have forgotten.
**I can't remember their names.
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By CassieJackson
Cringer may have been mighty rather than mental... but I couldn't remember the names of the secret sharers without Munki's prompting.
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By Munki Bhoy
I google it to see if I was right. Sorceress right enough. And it was Orko rather than Orcle. He was just a flying Arsenal strip anyway.
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