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who is the fittest neighbours honey?

mac (the WPC who is secretly a drug dealer)
susan kennedy
lyn scully
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By DemonHorse
havent watched it in AGES, so I have no idea who Izzy, Mac, Cindy, and Valda are, but from what I remember Libby was pretty fit.
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By Quincy
for me its out of lyn and susan.
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By fish heads
I'd Say Izzy from that lot. Sky is pretty fit, but not on the list unfortunatly.
By Toast
Sky easily.
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By Quincy
i dont like sky, shes pretty flabby. i think lil is quite tasty.
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By seanbhoy
Has to be Steph :D

I have to agree that Sky does look quite fat now!
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By Gaspode_The_Wonder_Dog
Valda the sexy scouse minx.

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By Sidders
It was Sky but since she's been blonde she's not as good IMO. I'd say Lyn out of that list.
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By Quincy
lyn scully is an excellent choice. some quality honeys have come out of her part!
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By Gaspode_The_Wonder_Dog
Steph isn't attractive at all. Sky is nice an that mac is ok but they all are a bit ropey at the moment. Get annalise back.
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By Quincy
no im not sure at all, its what my mum said.

lou goes to prison for 3 years and his cell mate is darcy tyler.

steph is quite muscular.
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By Sidders
I thought she was taking bribes.
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By fish heads
While we are on the topic of talking of upcoming storylines, apparently Sky gets a lesbien story in the next few months.
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By Gaspode_The_Wonder_Dog
Does hannah come back specially for it? I can see me having to finish work early.
By rich
I read somewhere that Lyn Scully is now a gay-icon

but apart from Izzy... it's gotta be Sky.
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By tombugler
i dont watch it.
By Sheep
Izzy's the one whos pregnant with that really old doctor isnt it?
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By fish heads
Sheep454 wrote:Izzy's the one whos pregnant with that really old doctor isnt it?

Yes, although the doctor isn't the baby's father.
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By Gaspode_The_Wonder_Dog
Karl is my idol though. He gets so many fit women an his bird in real life ahhhhhhh.
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By Sidders
Who's his bird in real life?
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By djscotty
has to be steph by a mile :D
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By Mafro
Nah I dont think steph is that nice, shes got a horrible smile. Izzy all the way!!!
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