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This may be moved into the archives bit, but I thought I'd share with you all anyway. A few years ago during lockdown or there abouts, someone I know digitized and uploaded his minidisc airchecks collection to This includes some midlands based stations from the 90s and 00s. Legal and pirate. And of course a lot of Radio 1 stuff too from mostly the 00's, you can check out the full list here:-

A fair amount of these are Chris Moyles shows, quite a few of them capture a good couple or hours or so of the show. Some breakfast but mostly afternoons. I've gone through the Moyles stuff and tried to sort and date to the best of my knowledge. Some were dated, some not. So I had to trace old Newsbeat stories to get them to what I think is right. Also these have been put on as they were captured, so the music and all left in. They've not been taken down yet, but you know how things can be sometimes so probably worth backing up. Anyway here it goes.

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2000-12-01 (with Jon Culshaw)

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2001-03-09 ... 202001.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2001-05-24 ... 202001.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2001-05-28 (Live from Leeds Town Hall) ... 202001.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2001-08-08 ... 202001.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2001-08-14 ... 202001.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2001-08-17 ... 202001.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2001-08-24 ... 202001.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2001-08-27 (Bank Holiday Monday, Chris isn't pleased he's been dragged in) ... %20out.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2001-10-22 ... 202001.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2001-10-26 ... 202001.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2001-12-19 ... 202001.mp3

Some 2001 Saturday Shows

Chris Moyles Saturday Show 2001-03-24 ... 202001.mp3

Chris Moyles Saturday Show 2001-06-02 ... 202001.mp3

Chris Moyles Saturday Show 2001-09-01 (Day of Germany 1-5 England) ... 202001.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2002-01-11 ... 202001.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2002-03-29 (Dave isn't happy about Everton getting hammered by Newcastle) ... 2%20v2.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2002-07-05 ... 202002.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2002-07-08 ... 202002.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2002-08-09 ... 202002.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2002-08-05 (Bit of KC in for Dave Pearce after) ... gating.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2002-10-09 ... 202002.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2002-11-27 ... 202002.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2003-01-17 ... 202003.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2003-02-14 ... 202003.mp3

Chris Moyles & Tony Blackburn 2003-03-10 ... 202003.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2003-08-08 ... 202003.mp3

Chris Moyles Afternoon 2003-12-03 ... 202003.mp3

Chris Moyles First Breakfast Show 2004-01-05 (partial) ... 202004.mp3

Chris Moyles Breakfast 2004-03-26 ... 202004.mp3

Chris Moyles Breakfast 2004-06-22 (from Portugal for the Euro's) ... 202004.mp3

Chris Moyles Breakfast 2004-06-25 (from Portugal, England knocked out of Euro 2004 the day before) ... 202004.mp3

Chris Moyles Breakfast 2004-10-27 ... 202004.mp3

Chris Moyles Breakfast 2004-11-16 ... 202004.mp3

Chris Moyles Christmas 2004 Unknown Date (not sure on what this was) ... 0thing.mp3

Chappers & Dave 10 Hour Takeover 2005-01-03 ... 202005.mp3

Chris Moyles 2005-06-24 (Chris in for Jo Whiley after 10am due to Glastonbury Powercuts) ... 202005.mp3

Chris Moyles Breakfast 2005-07-22 (9am Golden Hour on Canal Boat) ... 202005.mp3

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