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By Randomisation20
I'm just trying to get my head around not wanting to get into lots of gossip for anything but roughly when in the timeline of the BBC one show Dave and Chris fell out over the personal matter just roughly when that was I'm assuming it must've been August 2012 but I've not seen anything written down on it and I know this all behind the scenes obviously

It's a bit interesting for me because I've got almost middle 2011 now and listening from the beginning which I tried to catch back up with when I'm not listening to the Radio X show and this is something Ihave been thinking about
By VMPhil
It's hard to tell when the fall out happened, because they all hid it extremely well on air. But I think it might have been after the photos of Chris on holiday in August 2011 came out.

The only thing I remember from before the stories came out, was when I watched the red button video feed of the goodbye show from the radio theatre. I found it strange that Chris and Dave didn't look at or talk to each other between songs.