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It's the charlotte church link from when she was 15. I'm gonna have sex with her when she is 16 link that's come back to bite someone on the arse.

I can only assume that we have it in the archives.

I can only assume that they got the clip from here...

To the members. Any Views on this.

To Chris and the Mods. I know its a fan site. But The Nanny state media, where we cant make a innuendo or a joke is taking it too far and as much as we all get the context of the joke. Maybe we should take some action and maybe remove the clip from the website.
To be fair chris. I completely agree with everything you have said. I hope that something that was said 25 years ago doesnt affect globals decision to have to release chris.
Like I said. I think when I privately alerted you to this possible problem. is that the wokeness of the whole situation. Which I can only presume was unearthed from here. Is diablolicle. And a joke that chris made 25 years ago will come back to haunt him.
We really are living in dangerous times where the littlest thing said. Whether it was live this morning. 5 years ago. Or in this case. 25 years go could potentially destroy a career. And it is wrong. Just plain wrong and sad.

Or is it me? Am I in the wrong.
Isn't the whole reason this is back in the news because Charlotte brought this up herself in an interview this week, rather than someone traipsing through the archive trying to sting Moyles? She has a right to tell her side of the story, and Chris was rightfully reprimanded way back when.

Far be it from me to suggest where you get your news from Wireman, but I'd avoid using that YouTube channel as any sort of moral compass - he's got a worse rep than Moyles.
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