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By Chris
Apologies for the recent issues with the server.

If you are reading this message then you're looking at the site in its new home, hopefully now problem free.
A huge thanks to James for his help and hosting.

Please let us know if you see any issues related to the move.
By jasodaly
Has the server move disrupted the feed? Just wondering as iTunes doesn't appear to be able to find any episodes in the feed this morning.
By tonydrago
Morning Chris. Since the middle of last week none of the daily radio 1 podcasts have downloaded to my iPhone. I have cancelled the subscription and deleted all episodes from my phone. Now, when I search for Chris Moyles, I can only see the radio x podcasts and 1 x radio 1 vintage interviews podcast.
By jasodaly
I think the feed got screwed up and "rolled back" a week. If you look at it the latest show in the feed today (and on your homepage) is Thursday 9th December, 2010; however I already have this in iTunes (up to Thursday 16th December, 2010) so perhaps when it gets to the 17th December 2010 my feed will continue to update but this is obviously affecting others too going by the reply to the thread.
By moose
Hi guys,

I take it there are still issues with the feed. Do I need to do anything to get mine back up and running?

The commutes just aren't the same... :-(

By the way, you are doing gods work haha
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By flik1278
I still can't get replay shows past 14th December despite resubscribing. Have tried iTunes on my laptop too to no avail.
By Alanmurphy25
I am also no longer getting shows refreshed onto my podcast addict for Android. It's been stuck on DEC 15th for a while now. Gutted as this has worked flawlessly for 1.5+ years now.
By jasodaly
Yep feed seems to be ok again now. Looks like the move rolled it back a a week or so, but now it has caught up again :)
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By flik1278
Chris wrote:The current show on the front page is the 15th.
It should roll over on Monday and you'll start to receive new shows again.

You are a scholar and a gentleman Chris. Working great on mine again already. I can stop listening to old albums and start podcasting again. Many thanks.
By jasodaly

Not sure why, but since 1st Nov all the downloads have been called "The Chris Moyles Breakfast Show, Wednesday 16th March, 2011"

They appear to be different lengths so would assume that they are actually the correct days recording, but the name needs to be updated/resolved if possible.
By Randomisation20
H Chris

Sorry to bother you with this
Quick query
Seems to be a problem with the Breakfast Show File 15th November 2010 with downloading

Is this one you are aware with?

Many Thanks
Kind Regards
By VMPhil
Hi, there appears to be issues when viewing user posts. I get an SQL error when I try to look at my previous posts for example.

Show is up, and Tue 4th show is redone as it had a[…]

Radio 1 road shows!!

Thanks for bumping a 19 year old post.