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By dimtimjim
Just wandering if you guys know what is going on with Old CM Show team members. We all (kinda) know what Comedy Dave is doing, thanks to previous posts regarding his (supposed) demise.

but, what about Big-Gay-Al? And Rachel? And Carrie? etc...

I know some of you lot must be into twitter far more than I am and have answers to some of these questions.

Any info, gratefully received.
By bmstinton93
Carrie is now a man. Rachel is married to me now with 7 kids and Aled has been arrested in Colombia running an illegal drug ring.
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By slaphead1982
bmstinton93 wrote:Aled has been arrested in Colombia running an illegal drug ring.

I knew it. Aled always seemed too innocent to be real.
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By dimtimjim
I'm not certain the maths works on having 7 kids with Rachel in 3.5 years, but kudos to you; she was (is?) a real catch...

Kinda surprised at Aleds direction, I figured him as some sort of thigh model, but I guess international drug trafficking is more lucrative.

As to Carrie now being a man..?! Shame, and a real loss to the 'top-heavy-lovely-supporters-club'. But, she was always obsessed with having a massive cannon*, so I suppose it was inevitable.

* Jus' like mine! :?

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