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By Nicola_Red
I'm apathetic about all my birthdays really - I have been since my late 20s, I think. But have a good 'un anyway! :)
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By dimtimjim
Well spotted Andy, and a very happy birthday to you Mr Nathan, sir.

And yes, I'm very apathetic about birthdays these days. Mind you, could be worse, could be as old as off-Bob... 8O
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By dimtimjim
chrysostom wrote:I'm dreading the big 2-6...

is that 'cos it'll be it's 8th time coming....?! :wink:
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By The Deadly
Bonanzoid wrote:Happy birthday Deadly. I'll try and not weep too much over the fact this thread appeared the day after my birthday... :cry:

They have made you look a fool. Sue them.

Should be ok now :)