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flyingbadger wrote:Alas, I'm not a ginger, be-spectacled twin from Leith

Ah, where are you from then?!! :lol:
I lost 5 stone in total, and am now happily maintaining at what feels to me to be a good place. I think I am probably a pound or two heavier than I was just before Christmas, but that's ok, I built wiggle room into my target.
I've lost 9Lbs in the last two weeks, now only 2Lbs away from my 'target' weight... Have to set a new target soon!
I lost a stone and a half by mid-May, and then kind of stalled a bit. I'm back on it now, and just nearing two stone off - but I'm still a long way off target!
Yeah, the recent loss puts me at ~2 stone less than at my 'worst'... 1 more stone to go to achieve Adonis status again! :wink:

All together now...

Having recently joined the gym (in preference to cutting down on fatty - read delicious - food), I need to reweigh, but I was 14 stone 4 when I did my initial weight.
Really Toph - you do surprise me; I remember you being more lithe than that!

I'm now just over 13. Anything starting with a 12 and I'll be happy!

I've done opposite, changed what I'm eating - cut out most bread n stuff, having fruit n yogurt for breakfast, smaller evening meal etc.
I'm going for 12 something too - yeah I've put a podge on due to doing hardly any exercise.

I am also trying to get fit for the next table tennis season, as we got promoted.
Another 2Lbs gone... Only a massive shite away from 12.summat now..!

Although, on the downside to all this, my shorts keep falling down when I walk; most irritating yet satisfying at the same time.
Haha well done sir. I may do a weigh tonight or tomorrow morning. Did a 4K run this morning, which considering I struggled with 1 a week and a half ago is not bad - I know most people use 5 as a starting point, but I am clearly shit at running! I did feel I could have gone to 5 this morning though, I may give that a go next time (tomorrow morning possibly, though I need to be in Chipping Norton for 9, so maybe not...)
Nothing wrong with 4k mate, especially after only a week n half. Have to build up to these things - you'll be doing 10k without even thinking about it soon.

Although, don't push yourself too hard; you should have a rest day in between until your body 'properly' acclimatises to its new regime.

I'm even more impressed with myself as I'm not doing anything sporty these last few weeks - I pulled a muscle in my ribs playing badminton a few weeks back and its still not right, really hurts when I sneeze etc. Trials n tribulations of being mid-30's, I suppose... :(
Ha. Well I guess it's probably more like two weeks, I'm not too sure. Anyway, I'm getting fitter and still eating kebabs, which can only be a good thing.
Turns out I overestimated how well I was doing... it's actually more like three weeks. Ho hum.

I did my 5K today though in 36 minutes. Think I'll stick to that for a while and ramp the speed up over time - I spent the majority of it at 8.5km/h and then upped it to 9 for the last minute - reckon I'll keep moving back when I up it to 9 until I eventually do the whole thing at 9, then do the same thing with 9.5, 10, etc.

Also, turns out regulating your breathing properly actually really does help with a stitch (unless it's a placebo effect, but either way it worked for me).
well done Toph. And you're bob-on, regulating your breathing is great preventative against getting a stitch. In through the nose, out the mouth...

And my news... Target reached - I'm under 13 stone for the first time in years! (hey, ladies :wink: ) So pleased with myself. :D
Well done sir! Great result... I weighed myself and only lost a pound! Guess I will have to think about the food stuff as well...

Today I did it in 33 minutes (33:12 to be exact). I decided to go a bit more ambitious and did it at 9km/h from the start, then upped it to 10 for the last km and progressively up to 11 towards the end to push myself a bit more. Aiming for under half an hour now.
The treadmill is annoying though... it automatically goes into cool down mode when you've finished, which is fine, but it includes that as part of your summary, so the average speed must come down a bit.
Ha I didn't! I did most of it at 9, I only upped it at the end.
Was trying to big-you-up..! Don't worry, you will be doing that shortly!

Also, apparently for running, eating Quorn mince helps, too... (who says advertising doesn't work!) :D
Congratumalations everyone.
Good work all round.
Well you guys aren't all round any more.

Well I'm now 9st 10 and in the process of ordering lead lined shoes to stop me blowing off in a stiff breeze.
Just need to try and replace my six lagers a night with a six pack and I'll be funky dory.
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