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By Trigger
Bullseye with Stephen Hawking now that I'd love to see.

And another excuse to post this...

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By Nicola_Red
I'm thinking if I get chance I'll go through some old shows and clip some of the tributes from the past year or two. I'm not sure how much of an appetite there is for clips these days, but still, it's a shame we don't have some of the more recent ones in the vault - Prince and Bowie especially.
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By Nicola_Red
Randomisation20 wrote:Do you know if there are clips of the beginning of the letters feature Dom singing the song etc for the first time etc etc anywhere Nic?

Nah, don't think so. To be honest we've hardly made any clips at all of the Radio X show as they just don't get the downloads anymore. Once on the old show a clip I made had a thousand downloads over a weekend, now weeks can go by and they've barely scraped 100. If you have any idea of the date I'd be happy to clip it though!
By Trigger
Has the Quiz Elephant been killed off from Millionaire??


EDIT - IT LIVES ON! Quiz Elephant bellows out once more, Lord knows Elephants are fighting extinction enough as it is!

Enjoying the shows, but the Tarrant impression MUST stay alive, I don't care how old it is, it never fails to amuse. Ever.
By swaddon1903
Janice Long died over Christmas aged 66.

I don't know if there was any beef between her and Chris Moyles, but he hasn't tweeted anything about this, which surprised me when I think of how much of a radio geek he is.

He has been tweeting about his merchandise being on sale, so it's not like he has been away from Twitter.
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By Snorlax
Just thought I'd add to this legendary thread HRH The Queen

Was a sad day, all hail the King of Tickets forevermore
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