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By Chris
Q. What’s worse than actively praising or trashing a show?
A. Not caring at all

This is my 2nd review on MoylesWorld. I’ll be blunt and say that I don’t care if this show is crap or not. I know that by listening to music that it is making life a little easier but the image of that plane will live with me for the rest of my life and it doesn’t matter how many times the news show it, it still sends shivers down my spine. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those that were killed and with the emergency services and I hope and pray that the governments of the free democracies in this world are able to get themselves sorted and find out who did these terrible acts and quash them before it turns into an even more traumatic event.

And with that:

Chris Moyles, Wednesday 12th September, 3-5:45

We start the show with the news read by Claire

Chris tells us that its going to be the same show as yesterday and Claire will be back at 3:15

Spooks-Things I’ve Seen
Lauren Hill and Bob Marley- Good Lovin’

Chris tells us that America is waking up and still reeling from the events of yesterday. He also invites people in the UK and in America to e-mail the show with their thoughts

Starsailor- Alcoholic
Kosheen- Hide U

Chris asks Claire about the latest. Claire tells us that they have found 5 firemen underneath the World Trade Centre and how remarkable that is. Chris also asks about Assama Bin Laden who is the lead suspect in this and why he hates America so much. She also states that most Muslims disagree totally with his views about the Western World and Israel.

Artful Dodger featuring Melanie Blatt- Twenty Four Seven
CrazyTown- Butterfly

Chris reminds us that this isn’t a normal show and tells us about how they’re no planes in the air making it quite eerie. An e-,ail from Leeds thanks Radio 1 for they’re conduct at this time and Chris also takes the time to send his sympathies to the people of New York, Washington and Pittsburgh.

2Pac- Changes

3:30 News with Claire

A lush song which I didn’t catch the song or title

Chris announces the Taliban may extradite Assama Bin Laden to America if it can be proven that he was the one behind the attacks.

Stereophonics- Step on my old size 9’s
Macy Gray- Sweet Baby

Claire is back and tells us about the people under the World Trade Centre have rung up with their mobiles. 800 people are confirmed dead in the Pentagon and that a lot of the dead in New York are the emergency services who were on hand before the towers collapsed. Claire then reads and e-mail out from a lady in Mid Manhattan giving her views. Chris then tells us that they were going to have a phone call with Jerry Springer from Chicago but that was if the show was a normal one. Jerry will be giving his views shortly.

A record that I’ve never heard before

Chris introduces Jerry Springer to the show. Jerry says that its unbelievable and brings the whole country to a bump as they realised that America is no longer safe. Jerry reveals that he was ready to recording a bunch of shows yesterday and was watching his television and saw the 1st plane in the trade centre and not sure whether it was and accident or terrorism. The 2nd one answered the question.. He reveals that he had to evacuate the building he lives in because it was rumoured that one of the planes was going for his building. Jerry reveals how much he admires the British resolve for terrorism not just with the Irish situation but through World War 2. He is also not sure how the Government is going to respond and that the country will never be the same again after the worst terrorist incident in American history. Chris thanks him for taking the time to call and hopes the next time they talk is in better circumstances.

Robbie Williams- She’s the One
Kylie- Can’t get you out of my head

4:00 News with Claire

Emma Bunton- What took you so long?
Verve- Bittersweet Symphony

Chris announces that the Macy Gray gig that was going to be played on Sunday has been moved to the following Sunday. There will be instead a special edition of the Sunday Surgery.

Liberty- Thinking it over

Claire is back and reading more e-mails from people, the one that sticks in the mind is that of the lady remembering the image of the people falling out of the World Trade Centre. Chris then reads out the emergency telephone number set up by the Foreign Office.

J Lo- If you had my love
That ‘Two people’ record
Embrace- Wonder
India Irie- Brown Skin
(in all this Chris reminds us that its not the normal show)

4:30 News with Claire

Usher- You remind me
Avalanches- Since I left you

Chris reminds everyone that due to the tragedy in America then this is not a normal show. He relays details of George Bush’s speech and how emergency funding will be made available to the people of New York and Washington. He also tells the story of a man ringing his mum on the plane and telling her that they had been hijacked by three men with a bomb and then the phone went dead.

Craig David- Walking Away
Spiritulized- Stop you’re crying

Chris mentions the call that they with Joe who works at EMI in New York yesterday and he is back on the phone. He still sounds shaken and says that he is still in disbelief over the whole thing. He also says that everything is quiet in New York and that the mayor has told people to get on with their lives. Joe says that the mood in New York is that of disbelief, shock and anger but he is not sure who to direct that anger too. Joe says that he was in his local pub and that he really wasn’t in the mood to stay there. He says that the only vehicles in the area were that of fire engines, ambulances and construction vehicles. Joe says that he will be back too work tomorrow but he is scared because his building is on the top floor of the skyscraper but life will not be back to normal for a long time. Chris thanks Joe for taking the time to talk.

Sugababes- Soul Sound

5:00 News with Claire

Travis- Side
Whitney Houston- You’re love is my love

Chris reads a message from Alex who lives a couple of blocks away from the Trade Centre. He remarks on how all the New Yorkers are banding together and thanks the rest of the world for their support. Chris yet again says that his thoughts go out to all the families involved.

Zero7 and Sya- Destiny

Claire is back to discuss America’s reaction to this. She mentions the emergency funding and U.N. workers leaving Afghanistan. Claire then tells the most touching story I’ve heard vi`a `an e-mil of a man on the top floor of the Trade Centre ringing his wife up to say goodbye because he knew he was going to die.

Coldplay- Trouble
Madonna- Frozen

Chris tells us that the Radio 1 helpline is now open on 0800 110 100

David Gray- Babylon

5:30 News with Claire

Dido- Hunter
Atomic Kitten- Whole Again
Artful Dodger and Melanie Blatt- Twenty Four Seven (again)

Chris then tells us again that he didn’t feel it was appropriate to do the normal daft show, a decision I totally agree with.

Moby- Porcelain

Chris then recaps the conversation that he had with Jerry Springer and Joe.

Here’s Newsbeat, it’s 5:45

Conclusion: What can I say? Awesome show and its very sad that it took a tragedy to do it. Its a moot point but congrats to PJ Havey for winning the Mercury Music Prize but hey, who cares with the bigger picture. I have nothing more to say that hasn’t been said by others already except from a quote from a great philosepher:

‘Ashes to Ashes
Funk to Funky
We know Major Toms a junky
Shining down from heaven
Giving that all time low’
- David Bowie


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