The place where everyone hangs out, chats, gossips, and argues
By d000hg
I'd watch it quick! Most of it is pre lock-in as it turns out, but there is some real gold in there for fans, much of it visual.
By Randomisation20
Hello unfortunately I missed this completely as I’m listening quite a few episodes in delay does anybody know if this is still available anywhere please because I really would like to get hold of it both versions
By Randomisation20
Harry Briggs wrote:I think I’ve done it. New to drop box so let me know if it hasn’t worked.

Harry dropbox can take a while to synchronise that could be the reason alternatively if you do have a dropbox account and you could let me have your email address I can set up a shared folder that way let me know
By DomsBell
I missed this as well with everything going on and caught up weeks later after it closed. I can't receive pm's and the dropbox link is empty. If anyone could post a link to the unedited video that would be great and the best or even the edited version.
By eadam
Ugh - I too am a few weeks behind on show catchup and just finding out about this. If anyone is willing to share I'd be most grateful - happy to show you my make some noise receipt to show I'm not trying to get out of paying. I moved to the states so I listen using the great downloads section of this site!

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Pubcast live 2020!

Ugh - I too am a few weeks behind on show catchup […]

Seems to be back to normal now. Strange!