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Peteivy wrote:

no prob :)

Many, many thanks and apologies for only just spotting your reply! It sounds so much better than listen again did!

I now have recording setup on a £28 FTA satellite receiver that records to a USB drive. Much easier to get the shows off than having to crack open the Sky+ box! I use avconv/ffmpeg to convert the MP2 stream to 160kbps MP3.

Thanks once again.
By d000hg
It's pretty inexcusable that in 2015, an INTERNET RADIO STATION can't have internet streaming working from day 1. That we're 7 weeks in and it still doesn't work is just incredible.

I rely on listening via the website during the day at work, and today I got to 34s before it crapped out. Then again at 6 minutes. And the pause button randomly stops working too. I have to be constantly waiting for it to stop in the corner of my mind so I can jump to the browser tab and note the time so I can restart and jump back to that time.

It's getting annoying enough I am considering. Oh - there it goes again at 12 minutes.


Is the app on iPad any better, or just a wrapper around the website?
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By neilt0
Stop using it. Never use it. Look around this site for an alternative. There are alternatives. Click, look, be happy.
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By neilt0
d000hg wrote:Does anyone here have the entire show including songs or just the talking bits?

Look harder. Really not that hard to find. Here's a clue: CLICK MY FACE!
By d000hg
*mod edit*

Ta... though the new forum is a little unusual :) Do you have a page listing them all, or just post the link in that thread each day?
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By neilt0
Yes, for the edited shows. For the unedited, they are deliberately not listed.

Mods: can you edit that previous post with the link in.
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By jeddeth
I have been using TuneIn with a scheduled recording... it's been working flawlessly since the first week. Very enjoyable way to listen too because I can skip through commercials and terrible songs if they play them occasionally.
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By matthaze
I used to record the R1 show on TuneIn Pro and have been doing that with the new Radio X show. There's been one or two days when my internet went out and it didn't catch the entire show. Besides that, it's worked great!

Also, it airs in the middle of the night here in America (1:30-5am Eastern time), so it just records when I'm sleeping. Works great!
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neilt0 wrote:Click, look, be happy.

How I miss the days of Listen. Watch. Cher.
Just a small delay due to the editor actually having a life. Expect all missing shows to be available and up to date on the feed before the end of the week.

As an aside, the lack of edited shows this week has meant I've been listening back to the full shows for the first time since week 1. The length of the ad breaks has noticeably increased (almost doubled) in that time, which I suppose was to be expected.
By Javahouse
Does anyone else know why the Chris Moyles Shows have been removed from listen again on the app and on Radio Player?
By Sophie.
The only reason I can think of, is that the Wednesday show contained a bit of a "slip up" where Chris swore on air.
By JayE
Don't use it! It's crap for the most part. Click "Wiki" you'll thank me later.
By GarySalisbury
Have the replays of the new show been stopped I'm using overcast and haven't had a new one from this year yet. Could be a problem with my subscription that I can't see. I understand editing them must take time and if it's a case of they haven't been done yet I apologise don't get to hear the new show otherwise.
By GarySalisbury
That's the one downloading them via my podcast app instead. Still nothing refreshing on overcast tho and I quite like that app never mind at least I can resume listening. Thanks Chris.
By bmstinton93
I just checked and mine aren't working through that feed either, the last one available is new years Eve
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