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Ha yep, that was something I checked but forgot to mention! That's pretty minor though in the eyes of the police.
I admire your tenacity in getting this moved forwards in the face of the apathy of the authorities.
Well, you have to do what you think is right really. If someone else isn't going to sort it, then you have to do it yourself. You shouldn't, but you do.
Is that yours or someone else's that you scraped? What happened?
I did something very similar just after passing my test. Completely and disgustingly misjudged space between me and a wall - scraped the bodywork, burst the bumper and uncoupled the headlight. Pricey mistake.

You have my sympathy, and empathy Ben.
Ah, you young 'uns and your minor scrapes... Wouldn't worry about it boys, as a statistic, its gonna happen sooner or later; at least neither of you were injured.

Ben - as you say, at least another car wasn't involved.

'Zoid - Spatial awareness and hazard planning are the two main points of 'advance driving', dunny beat yourself up if you rubbed up against something when a newly passed driver... S'all learning curves.
My brother pulled out of his parking space when he first passed his test and completely failed to realise that he needed to pull forward a bit before turning to avoid scraping the car next door... unfortunately this was at home and the car next door was the nextdoor neighbours, so more embarrassment.
When me and chums were younger, on a massive group day out to Alton Towers, one of my friends braked too late at a round-a-bout approach and rear-ended the car in front... which was also part of our convoy! Doh!
Oh I've done that before after a table tennis match, gone into one of my opponents (who also used to be my teammate). Luckily the only damage was to my car, but it needed a new bonnet.
So... New car back in August. picked my gal up on Saturday lunchtime, got a mile down the road and the clutch failed..!

Got car into garage this morning and got a hire car to cover me for Christmas, assuming the worst; timescales wise, not expecting to get it fixed before x-mas...

Result! not only can garage get it done by tomorrow, saving me £100 on the hire car, but the (majority of) the bill for work is being covered by my warranty! (wasn't expecting this as clutches are not covered by warranty as they are 'wear n tear' items, but as it was flywheel failure which has destroyed clutch, it is covered!!)

£900 worth of clutch, dual-mass flywheel and associated labour, actually costing me £40 (plus £35 for hire car)..! BONUS!!!

Still, £75 down at wrong time of year, but better to have to find £75 from somewhere than £900!

the relief flowing through me now is immense.
Well the car is leaking again. Then someone knocked the wing mirror off so that's taped on. Then the thing connecting the gear stick to the gear box went so I couldn't drive it.
I'm so glad my dad's best friend is a mechanic.
Everyone seems to be having car problems at the moment!

My car nearly ended up leaking on my way into work this morning, most of Mid-Kent's roads were either flooded or littered with trees...

A couple of snapshots from my dashcam...




Edit: Aaargh super hi-res, made clickable. Album link:
It's a lot like that around here too at the moment. Given that my Megane's exhaust is being very noisy (not sure if it's a hole or just coming loose and no time or money to investigate), I took the ever fabulous Kia to the farm to get my Christmas meat and discovered first hand why the tiny village of Ford Street is so named.
Did you see how bad it was around Hildenborough? Really bad, loads of houses flooded. We got lucky, we only lost our phone lines and internet cos the BT box round the corner got submerged, further up the road in the village they got flooded and other parts lost electricity.
Why did you only notice that from a post from last year?! I changed it so it doesn't show up so much if people are searching for me.
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