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By chrisjames
I just had to respond to the news that Chris Moyles has just announced that he's leaving the breakfast show in September .It was a day I'm sure most of us hoped would not come for a long time.Best to Chris and the team for the future. I just can't stop crying!I hope we'll still hear Chris on the radio somewhere though!

Here is a link to the sad news
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Tell me I didn't just hear that!!?

But like others have said, the new radio one isn't a good home for Moyles. I don't think I'm the only person who only listens to R1 for the moyles show. The rest of their output is utter dross, why they insist on playing the music they do baffles me.

This is a really sad day, hopefully Chris and co. will find a new station, but with Chris' fingers in so many different pies I think this is the end of Moyles' radio adventure.
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