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Cox Out, Moyles in at Radio One - 8th October 2003, The Mirror (Niki Waldegrave)

Chris Moyles has spoken for the first time about taking over the flagship Radio1 Breakfast Show from Sara Cox - and insists it will do wonders for his sex life. The 29-year-old DJ said: "Im really chuffed. Ive said for ages I am the saviour of Radio 1, now it looks like I am finally going to have the chance to prove it. It's f****** ace. And it's brilliant for me and Sophie.

Moyles insists the early nights - and earlier starts - will get his love-life with Top Of The Pops researcher Sophie Waite back on track. The couple have been dating for two years, but Leeds-born Chris says they are like ships that pass in the night. And last night, Chris revealed: "She gets tired at 10pm anyway and I usually stay up and watch the West Wing until 2am, so it's better as she'll actually get to see me, as we'll go to bed at the same time." But then Chris joked: "Obviously separate rooms, by the way. I'm a devoted Roman Catholic so there's none of that funny business." Cox, 28, who took over from Zoe Ball three and-a-half years ago, had lost almost 500,000 listeners in three months. Station bosses announced she was ditched yesterday and will switch to Moyles old slot in January.

Yesterday, she said: "I have had a great time doing the breakfast show over the last few years, but I have to say the thought of finally being able to have a lie-in is extremely appealing." She will now go head-to-head with friend Ball, who has a show on London's 104.9 Xfm. Ball said yesterday: "She was my bridesmaid and she is godmother to my child and now she's my rival. I'm really chuffed for her. "But if she thinks she's going to be taking any of my Xfm listeners, she can think again. The gloves will be coming off and, believe me, I've got a strong set of nails."

Moyles insists the breakfast format will be similar to his afternoon slot. He said: "To be honest, I don't see it being any different to what we do now. There's no point in changing it that much because if they think we're good enough at what we do, it would be silly to come out with a brand new style. "There will still be the team, me, Comedy Dave, Rachel and Aled, so we'll be doing what we do in the afternoons - we'll just sound tired!"

Moyles, 29, who was dropped from former presenter Chris Evans' Channel 5 show Live With Chris Moyles in January, laughed: "The thought of asking Chris Evans for advice hasn't crossed my mind. In fact, it horrifies me, I think I know what I'm doing! "The upside is that I can be at the pub at 11am. But no, the beer drinking is all a myth." And he insists there are no bad feelings between him and Sara, adding: "She's delighted she doesn't have to get up at 4.30 anymore and she'll get to go out, spend more time with Jon and, of course, get up at midday."

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