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By Chris
1. Usher – Caught up 7:00 NEWS 2. scissor sisters – comfortably numb 3. Razorlight – somewhere else 4. Daniel Bedingfield – the way 5. Avril Lavigne – Skater boy 7:30 NEWS 6. Bodyrockers – I like the way 7. Red hot Chilli peppers – give it away 8. Akon – lonely 8:00 NEWS 9. the coral – in the morning 10. Liberty X – just a little 11. U2 – City of blinding lights 12. Basement Jaxx – plug it in 8:30 NEWS 13. Gwen Stafani – Hollaback Girl 14. Athlete – wires 15. D12 – My band 16. TEDIOUS LINK: The Farm – Groovy Train 17. Coldplay – speed of sound 18. Audio bullies – shot you down 19. Amerie – one thing 9:30 NEWS 20. Foo fighters – best of you 21. Pink – trouble Carpark catchphrase 22. Chemical Brothers – Believe.

Chris was late this morning, getting in at 6:55, seconds before the show went live. With the excuse that he needed the extra sleep.
Dave's misses was at the Cannes film festival, and saw stellios. Chris was spotted in a Brazilian bar. Chris wanted to send Aled to the Star wars premiere in a dustbin. Chris commented that the woman on the trail sounded like mystic meg. Chris was also debating whether to take Sophie or Jon culshaw to the star wars premiere.
Followed was a chat about celebrity love island. Which led to a chat about celebrity love handles which dave said to put on the isle of white. Soccer 6 was talked about later. Dave's question was “what it 3 + 3” meaning he'd get 13 or something else stupid. Chats about Aled at the soccer 6 were followed. More chat followed about star wars, including Chris dressed up as C3PO with silver foil and yellow paint. Chris was going for a photo shoot afterwards with Wogan and Ross, he didn't explain why though.
Chris wants to take wogan to the pub, and Aled wants Chris to tickle Wogan during the photo shoot. Chris has bought a chainsaw from hombase over the weekend.
Aled was on 5 live, under the name of Allen Hansen(nemone got his name wrong).
Dom has socks as friends.

Lets get ready to ramble
Todays ramble featured: Tedious mistakes, storm troopers in leister square, push over storm troopers, kicking storm troopers up the ass, sounding like darth vader with a paper cup.
Darth vader(Chris):“Stop taking the .. will you”
Sticking a babel fish in a storm trooper's ear.
Dave: “Dress Aled up as a hemma-droid”
By far the best “Lets get ready to ramble” I've heared in ages.

Carpark catchphrase
Good morning carpark fans!!
Please welcome on line one: Sean from Bournemouth(1)
And on line two its: Ben from Southampton(2)
Catchphrases: All hands to the pump, take it like a pinch of salt, chip on the shoulder.

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