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By Mk.
Aled wrote:
Mk. wrote:Ah bless you Aled, trying to make out that where you're going for a week hasn't been organised for months :D

Anyway Aled, God bless those people over on the Embrace forum: ... 526#517526

oi! Absolutely not!!!! we had a meeting to discuss it further today.

As for Embrace message boards... Brilliant! Very funny.

To think I used to post there.

Oh well. Hope you enjoyed your 'meeting'. :P
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By Walter Sobchak
Aled, could you pass on my Congratulations to Dom and his Wife, on the birth of their Daughter Xanthe.

And can you ask him if Xanthe takes after Dom or his wife (Has she got hair or not? :P )
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By Adam
Aled - are most of the adverts for radio 1 following on the same theme ?
By Jono
YeovilBloke wrote:And can you ask him if Xanthe takes after Dom or his wife (Has she got hair or not? :P )

They said this morning she has quite a bit of hair
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By Adam
Aled - is anybody else from The Chris Moyles Show attending the SRA's in Covent Garden on 24th November ?
By Nicky
Nicky wrote:
Aled wrote:How about internationally?

Go to New York...

8) Good choice. I'm out there between November 28th and December 6th. When do you guys head out there?
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By Chris
Aled wrote:
Chris wrote:Yeah, go to Vegas. I'd come along to, urmm, review for the site.

Liking it.

NY? That'll do :wink:
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By Gaspode_The_Wonder_Dog
tut rich people always get things given to them...
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By Aled
Gaspode_The_Wonder_Dog wrote:tut rich people always get things given to them...


And who's GIVING what to who?
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By MK Chris
I think he was commenting on Chris' hint that he would like to come with you. It's the worst kept secret ever that Harris is loaded...
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By Adam
Chris Harris gets a new passport in the post every month ;)
By Uberlegend Jho
Or Vicenzo Salazar Rameriez, as he's known now
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