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By Chris
Zoo, Interview with Dave Vitty, February 2005

Zoo: Do you have a job title, other than "Chris Moyles' mate"?

Dave: I didn't have an official title so I made my own one: Director of Comedy. I though that sounded quiet nice.

Zoo: Three hours' work a day, eh. Easy life, surely?

Dave: Not at all - we work an eight-hour day. It's just that we start much earlier. I get in to the studios about 20 past five, go through the papers, have a meeting with the team, then we're on at five to
seven. Finish the show, then I write what's needed for the next day: Competitions, Car Park Catchphrase and things. Then im out the door at one o'clock: have a kip, get some jobs done. I'm paiting th skirting-board at the moment.....

Zoo: You've got all afternoon. Can't you just go to the pub?

Dave: On a friday we'll go for a couple of jars. But we don't spend every afternoon in the pub

Zoo: Is it possible to a show hungover?

Dave: No. Well, it is. It's been done. But it's not a good idea. Hangovers are horrendous at half five in the morning.

Saturday October 1st Unedited. Manchester Feed. 5 […]