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In August and September 2012 Nicola_Red solicited input for a tribute book which was sent to the Chris Moyles Breakfast Show team to mark the end of their record-breaking and award-winning breakfast show run.

Thank you to all who contributed such heartfelt messages and to Nicola for her time and hard work.

If you contributed to the book and do not mind sharing your entry then please let me know via email or PM and I will add it below.

If you didn't make the book but wish to add your contribution to this thread, then please feel free to reply add your message. The thread will be open until Friday 21st September 2012 when it will be locked and preserved in the Vault section.

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By Paul
I'm probably the longest serving lurker on the forum and I had been "saving" up my 60th post in 10 years to comment on something of note and I guess this be it.

I've obviously listened to Chris and the team for what seems like half my life and I do feel there will be a chasm in my early morning radio schedule after next Friday, hence stocking up on podcasts and specials. By the way I really like the idea of people creating their own best of podcasts that can help fill my mornings.

I have been lucky enough to meet a few of the team on various occasions, the most infamous being Daves first stag do in Bournemouth where we got Scott Mills playing cheesy party tracks in a packed Opera House Nightclub.

Best of luck for the future,

Paul Dadge.

P.S. Shows how long Daves first stag do was, see pic below. Chris is leaner and I'm now fatter :)

These are the forum posts that were included in the book. Thought I'd post them here as the photos above are a bit difficult to read due to the font size.

July 11th, 2012

Quite simply Chris Moyles is the best Radio broadcaster that has graced the airwaves ever, bar none!! Well done to him and the team for a truly wonderful show. Wherever Chris goes, so shall I. –Boardboy

Gutted... simply gutted! I've been there since the start; to be honest - i didn't even contemplate this coming today. I simply have so many memories attached to this show (it's just a show...) - it is/was so much more than that to me... got me through college, uni, work - a whole 18 month backpacking trip. LOVE. THE. SHOW. – Ritchie

Shocked, gutted, upset can't really put it into words to be honest. Now what the hell do I listen to in the morning? - James H

In all seriousness, I am very sad. The show has been a saving grace for me over the past 6 years (that's how long I've been listening), seen me through difficult mornings, quashed many a bad dream memory, lifted me out of grumpy moods or simply been a great start to a great day.

It's so weird to think how much I couldn't stand the guy in 1997 and remember fearing the likely possibility of him getting Breakfast, and still wasn't a fan when he did. Back then, I was actually looking forward to this very day. But since, so much has changed.

Apart from echoing everything everyone else has said, there was a moment this morning when it suddenly occurred to me that we'll never have a Chris Moyles (breakfast) Show run-up to Christmas again. That made me sad too. – Latina

I have to start looking for a new job - I don't think I will be 'coping' for long without the CMS (my job is incredibly boring). I am really gutted as everyone else but I hope Chris Moyles is going to another radio station so I can follow him. - Turicum

So sad, i live outside the UK and end up paying £30 a month for the internet connection so I can hear Sir C Moyles, was worth every Penny... I had a agreement with my Youngest, no matter were I was in the World we would always both tune in for the cheesy Song, so we were enjoying and thinking of each other... now, what left... my two kids only like CM, and they are both in the target age group. CM was and is the best of all time! - Radical_mit2

To put it bluntly, I now have a big hole in my life. I have listened almost every day for around 8 years now, and the show just feels a part of my life. Not just Chris, but the whole team (especially Rachel and Carrie, and even Longman!). All the show’s features are a part of my every day life - Cheesey song, Car park Catchphrase, Monday Night Pub quiz, Classical Class, Golden Hour. And the old ones too - WHERE AM I, Yesterday’s Weather, and many more. - Martyn B

Well I now need a new job closer to home. Sounds cliched but listening to Moyles really made my commute so much easier! Truly gutted. - jocky85

I wrongly assumed we had more time left of the show given the news last year on Chris' golden handcuffs contract. Kinda gutting that it's only a matter of weeks. I've not been a listener as long as some people on this forum but I'm so glad I found the show (and this forum), because it's been a huge part of my daily life. - richbrown

Well I didn't expect that. Not until next year anyway. Anyway, thanks to Chris for many happy mornings of listening and all the laughs. All the best for the future mate. – DaveBedford

Just a little bit gutted. It seems absolutely ridiculous to be as gutted as I am. Ive been listening to Chris Moyles while my mum drove me to school, on the train to college, and now while Im at university. The only constant thing in my life has been listening everyday and Ive grown up while the team have. - gabbie

I have to say that I am gutted to hear this, especially as I missed it live and had to hear the news from Fearne at lunchtime. I’ve been listening to Chris since his last year on Afternoons (Since March 2003) and could probably count on one hand how many breakfast shows I have missed in the past 8 & a half years. The show has been a part of my daily life since and it will be really weird waking up and not hearing him and the team as I get ready for my day. I have no idea if Chris or the team will ever read this thread, but I think we all should thank them for doing what they do every day and wish them all the best in the future (Hopefully still on Radio 1!)

I just want to thank all the people on this site who upload the show, and clips, on a daily basis. I, and I'm sure I am not alone, will be downloading old shows in the future just to have a daily fix of Moyles in my life. Thanks for what you do too. – MRM

I am totally and utterly gutted about this, Chris Moyles and his various teams\shows have been a massive part of my life since 99/00, I almost feel like they are family, even more so since I started driving for a living 5 years ago so got to listen to the whole show every day. There is nothing that comes anywhere near the show on the airwaves. I wish them all the best and should they move to another station, I will follow them and listen no matter what time of day they are on. Legends all of them who have ever been involved with any show that Chris has ever done. – Rivixter

I am absolutely devastated! I think like most listeners I really felt a part of the show and in turn it was a part of my day-to-day life. We need to just find out where the show moves to (hopefully it does) and then we can all migrate Moyles and Mills are the only reason i listen to radio1. –jjstubbs

I am absolutely gutted to hear the news today. I've been a long time listener of the show. In fact 2002 was when I first listened. I've listened to the show nearly everyday, even when it was on Sirius in the US. I find it weird that in a couple of months, there will be no more Cheesy Song, Rob DJ's Monday Night Pub Quiz, McFly Day, Golden Hour, Carpark Catchphrase etc, and yes, I'll confess I join in the "when I say (x) you say (y) in the car!"

The Chris Moyles Breakfast Show is the only enjoyable part of my daily 25 mile journey to work. It has been great to laugh along with them. So to Chris, Dave, Dom, Aled, Tina, Freya, Pippa, Sam, Ant, Rachel, Carrie, Juliette, Will and to a lesser extent Matt Fincham, I thank you all. – G Waites

Devastated!! It still hasn't quite sunk in yet to be honest. Am totally stumped as to what on earth I will listen to in the mornings. Nothing appeals. Can't believe how much 'just' a radio show matters to me. It is such a sad day. – JanieRob

I heard the announcement as I was driving to work this morning, I was a wee bit shocked! I kept waiting for Chris to say it was only a joke...but alas, that wasn't the case. I've been listening to the Breakfast Show since about 2004/2005, back when I was still at university, so the show was a big thing for me! I'll miss it, but everything has to end eventually, glad he decided to end it on his own terms, at least. – English Bob

I Just wanna echo most of what's been said on here today. I always knew I would hate the day I found out the show is stopping, but its taken the announcement to show me just how much. Its surprised me how gutted I actually am, I've been thinking about it all day and find myself getting more and more depressed by it!

This next couple of months is gonna be like the last few months of school with your group of friends. You know its ending soon, you know the last day is gonna be a hell of a ride for your emotions, you know you're gonna see some of them again, but you don't know when and if it will be quite the same.

Sad sad day. I've grown up with the team and like so many here, I want to say a MASSIVE thankyou to Chris and the team(past and present) for bringing fun and happiness through all my good and bad times! - colinho
I totally forgot to send Nic my contribution for the book. As always, life gets in the way. A sorry excuse for ignoring something that has become so much of my daily routine that I've kind of blocked out the fact that it's all coming to an end.....until today when it suddenly seemed way too real and hit me like an express train. Reading the contributions I can see it's all been said already and I don't know what else I can add other than my own heartfelt thanks, gratitude and love mingled with my tears. You and the team, past and present, have made me laugh every single day no matter what was going on in my life. You have been a huge part of my life over the past 10 years and it will feel like a bereavement after Friday's show is over. Thank god we all have the memories (and the podcast archive) to keep us company...........but how the HELL am I gonna wake up in the mornings? xxxxx
By GuruMeditation
(apologies for the format, wasn't sure how best to phrase how I felt about the show going away and this is how it came out :) )

Dear Moyles and the rest of the show,

Wow, how long has it been? Still seems like only yesterday I was listening to you guys talk about Dom's boring video while repainting my young son's room, two events which had a pleasing symmetry to them. You know it has 700k views now and people are still finding and commenting on it? Crazy ...

I checked you out on the TV stream last night. You're looking great! Heck I also tried to look and feel great in 2008, and then thought there was still time in 2009 .. then tried again in 2010. But you've put a lot of effort in and it's paid off. You look years younger than when I last saw photos of you.

I know we've grown apart over the years. Our schedules were hard to match at best and as time moved on it became harder and harder to figure things out. Our musical sensibilities never completely meshed (although I feel they would have if the powers that be didn't have so much control over the playlist), work made it hard to listen on the iPlayer, and then real life got in the way which complicates matters with the 9 hour time difference.

Look, I'm going to really miss knowing you're there. You were a hugely important part of my life when I first moved to the US. While waiting for my visa to sort out I listened to you every day ... heck I listened to recordings of you on my generic mp3 player while taking the bus to the DHS to get my final green card approval. Before moving here I'd only seen you on TV (living in another country with no BBC Radio in a pre-iPlayer world) and being able to listen to the show over here was like a warm blanket and cup of hot chocolate to remind me that everything would be OK, a tie to home during momentous changes in my life.

The news it was all coming to an end was like having a bucket of cold water dumped over my head, and finding out as late as I did ... I guess what I'm trying to say is, thank you for the shows. You never know what you have until it's gone, I'm happy I've been able to come back to be there for the final salut, and I hope I get to hear you in another format in the future.

Thank you.
I too got caught up in life's busyness and didn't send my tribute in, but I thought as we all get ready for the last show, I would add my thoughts.

I am a latecomer to the show. Through a series of random coincidences, I found myself up at all hours of the day writing a thesis and what did I find, but the Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave Marathon Show. ( I still hear the music every time I think of the marathon) I could not have asked for a more perfect introduction to the amazing skills of Chris and the team. As many people have said, they are a wonderful on-air family that always brings the listener in and makes them feel welcome. Coming from America, it would be awhile before I realized who all those guests were, but it didn't matter, as Chris' skills made them fun to watch anyway.

From that moment on, I was hooked. Whatever life was doing, I would still make time for the Chris Moyles Show and it would always brighten my day. Even through major problems, like SiriusXM deciding America didn't need to hear Radio 1 anymore, I found a way to keep listening. Most of my family and friends thought I was nuts, but they wouldn't think so if I could ever get them to listen ;) I was completely obsessed by all things UK and Chris has been the perfect one to introduce me to the country. I love the no-holds-barred approach and the inside jokes that draw you in rather than make you feel excluded.

Chris even gave me the much needed inspiration to finally loose weight for good. I too am working towards having a "normal" BMI and am actually only 3 pounds away as of today! You can't find that kind of inspiration in American radio.

The realization of just how attached I was came the moment they announced they were leaving. I was going to be loosing access to my radio family....

The only thing that has kept me going is having the old recordings of the show on here. I've already started listening back to the beginning and can't wait to continue once the final show is done.

Chris and the team: You will never know how much you have meant to me and the happiness you brought into my life. I hope you all had as much fun making the show as I did listening to it. I especially want to say thanks to Tina for representing for the girls. As the only sports girl I ever heard, you always did a great job bantering and providing lots of comedy :)

Wish you all the best and hope to hear you all back on the radio soon.

Jennifer Schmidt xx
Hi Guys,
been listening to Chris for 14 years now and even though we knew today was coming it didn't make it any easier to listen too.

i wrote a piece about it last night on my blog and then posted the link out on twitter, Rob Dj retweeted it for me and it actually got the highest views for my blog ever and also a lot of praise from people on twitter and fans of TCMS who just said i summed up how they all felt.
so i thought i would post it in here too, so you guys could see it too.

i hope you like it.

Friday 14th Sept 2012 will be a sad day.

Why? I hear you ask,

Well Friday will be the last ever broadcast of The Chris Moyles Show on BBC Radio 1. I have been listening to Moyles and his team for nigh on 14 years now and constantly for the last 8 years he has done on the breakfast show. You might think it strange feeling sad over a radio show but this is a radio show unlike no other, this is a radio show that make you feel part of the team, this is a radio show that tours the uk and ireland, this is a radio show that has the best guests, the best games.

Moyles made me laugh on the afternoon shows but boy did he help me through some mornings. boy oh boy!!

He started on the breakfast show in Jan 2004 and quickly took the station to dizzy new heights of listeners, pulling in 6,7,8 million listeners in the morning, thats some figures for a breakfast show, and he continued his style from the afternoon shows of having his team of Comedy Dave and Dominic Byrne, he went through sports presenters though as they left due to pregnancies and marriges. We went through two divorces with dave, a breakup with chris and all of Dominic’s children being born.

They have travelled up and down the UK doing their breakfast shows from various cities , i was lucky enough to get tickets to one of their famous karaoke nights when it came to Befast.

we were with Chris as he climbed mount Kilimanjaro for comic relif or when he did the longest show ever lasting 52 hours and raised over 2 million pounds for charity.

They created a show that anyone could listen to and feel part of..it was not created for radio lovers, it was created by radio lovers, by a team who knew honed their craft and moulded a show that anyone studying radio and media would be a fool to not take notice of.

Chris himself knows the workings of a studio desk the way i know the way round a females body…. (he would appreciate that) every inch covered and he knows how it works, id go as far to say he is the best at running the desk, he never crashed the vocals and always always presses the right sound effect at the right time .

I guess to really appreciate this guy you will have had to listen to him at some point or know of him and if you dont like them then i doubt you have read this far into my piece.

Details about the future for the team are sketchy at the mo, we know Chris is doing the musical and then a tour with him and a band. i suspect Dave will carry on with his 5live stuff and for Dominic all we know is he is leaving Radio 1. Aled will still host the surgery on a sunday night but beyond that is anyones guess and from what i belive Tina will carry on as newsreader for Nick Grimshaw.

I know i will shed a tear, you might think it silly or nonsensical even but even though i have never met Chris and the team, hearing that familiar voice every day for 14 years is bound to have an effect on you.

So Chris, Dave, Dominic, Tina, Aled, Matt, Rachel, Carrie, Jocelyn, Will, Longman, Rob Dj, Roy Walker, Reece (play a song before 7) Hughes and anyone else involved in this amazing show over the last 8 years, you have given me the best drives to work, it will be a long time before your records get broken and its gonna be an even longer time now having you guys to listen to in the morning i suddenly feel a bit queasy and have gone off my breakfast!

Goodbye Guys…
I started chrismoyles.net around fifteen years ago. It began just after Chris joined Radio One when he was presenting the 'early breakfast' show - the same show that Dev now presents. I could never have predicted the path his career would take, let alone that he'd become the longest-serving Radio One Breakfast Show host of all time. Some mornings back in 1998 you wondered if Chris would still be employed at the end of the week, let alone fifteen years later.

1998 was a time before Facebook, before Twitter, before broadband internet, and before many brands and celebrities even had a website. At the time Radio One had a few pages online but it was a fraction of what you would now expect from any media organisation. "MoylesWorld" had news, pictures, games, and a bunch of sound clips recorded from cassette - a collection which grew each week. As Chris progressed through Radio One and made his first forays into television more people started to visit - and as more visited a forum was set up for people to chat, and now that's where we find ourselves fifteen years later.

It's perhaps difficult for people who are intimately involved in Radio to understand the impact that they will have had on their listeners, not just while they were on-air but even years later. I still remember the Radio One breakfast shows as I grew up, left home, went to University (okay, so less of them there) and eventually went to work. For so many people there will be a particular song, a voice or perhaps a place that will suddenly stir a memory of a conversation or moment that they heard on the radio. For Chris and the team as they spent longer than anyone else accompanying people on these early morning activities, those moments will be many and frequent. The show may have finished but it will live on.

We have been the fiercest critics of the show, yet its biggest supporters. I'm so pleased that we can keep those memories of a fantastic eight-years alive with archives that include thousands of sound clips, every podcast and (eventually) every breakfast show.

I'm proud of what we have created at chrismoyles.net and grateful to so many people for their help along the way.

People have asked if the site will continue ... simply put, it existed before the Chris Moyles Breakfast Show and it will live long afterwards. Whatever Chris and the team move onto next we will be here to discuss, praise and - yes - criticise. It wouldn't be the same if it were any other way.

Thank you Chris, Dave, Aled, Dom and the many others who have contributed to the show. And from me, thank you to the folk of chrismoyles.net - in these last few weeks we have done ourselves proud.
Some words what I wrote on my blog:

I want to say a few words about something that is unexpectedly closer to my heart than I orignially thought, and something that I truly am going to struggle to replace in my life every weekday morning when I wake up. The Chris Moyles Show on BBC radio One.

Just like Chris I am a Leeds lad, born and brought up just up the road from Radio Aire where he first graced the airwaves as part of his rise up to the biggest gig in British Radio. That’s what probably got me into his early morning show during my revision all nighters studying for exams at school. When he was given the drivetime slot I was very happy - no more crazy hours and a great show to listen to on the bus home from school and then the train home from Uni. Most days I would struggle not to burst out laughing on a packed train as I tuned in via my Walkman (remember those?!).

The afternoon show had soundtracked my life moving from school into uni, bringing with it girlfriends, break ups, driving and independance. Throughout all was the constant of Mr Moyles and his merry bunch, coming on the radio everyday having a laugh and keeping me entertained on the way home.

The very first day of the Breakfast show was also my very first day of work at a new job, as I was taking my first steps into the grown up world of full time employment after the carefree days of Uni.

I was as excited for myself as I was for Chris. Finally he stepped up to the Job he had made no secret in admitting was his dream, he and his gang came in after Sara Cox and from the very first jingle it seemed so.. right. Everything clicked into place, and as I grew up into the day to day grind of commuting waking up in the morning was that little bit easier.

Just like me the team also grew into adulthood and their new role, and Chris seemed to be moving from a brash 20 something to a polished broadcaster as he went into his 30s, Dave got married, Dom had kids, sport presenters came and went and like a familiar and well loved piece of clothing the show seemed to fit perfectly around me. As their lives changed, so did mine, getting married, buying a house, and eventually having a child - all sountracked by what seemed like a bunch of mates who would ease you into the morning every day. Now growing up for me meant that I couldnt listen as often as I would like- life occasionally got in the way. But whenever I turned the show on it was like catching up with old friends.

Not many people “got” the show, they didnt understand his childish humour, or they thought he was an arrogant sod, which lets face it sometimes he could be, but to his loyal band of listeners he was more than a DJ, he was our mate, so we faithfully defended him against the doubters, and stuck by him. In mature professional circles it was often not the right answer to admit that you listened to the Radio 1 breakfast show and when you did come across another listener the reasons were the same - the show felt like an extension of your friends.

Another amazing thing that for me kept the show at the top was the effort, design and craft that went into producing something that sounded so effortless. It has long been acknowledged by even the most vociferous doubters that Chris has a passion for Radio and he is an absolute master of his craft- every jingle hitting the vocal perfectly, every punchline leading into the news, every 6.30 pre music chat with the team warming up just as I woke bleary eyed and slowly became more coherant as the caffiene kicked in, every cringeworthy celeb question asked by one of the team to break the monotony of press junkets and quick turn around interviews, all polished and honed down to the very last detail- that was the mark of the man and the team and for me that was one of the reasons why the show had such a loyal listener base right til the very end. No one currently on the station comes close to the level of finnesse and that for me is why Chris needs to stay on the radio in some shape or form in the future- the man has a gift and people need to be able to hear it. It would be a sad thing if he moved away from Radio.

But I guess the greatest sadness is due to the fact that he had to come to terms with the fact that the primary ambition that he had for the vast majority of his life was now something that was in the past- he wanted the biggest show on Radio and now, whilst still at the top of his game, it was time to walk away from it. That is why I think he and the team said goodbye with a smile, going with good grace and a lot of good will from legions of fans, “normos” and celebs alike - because he had come to terms with the fact that he had achieved his lifelong ambition and now was handing the keys to someone else.

I genuinely hope he stays on the radio in some shape or form, and the relentless optimist in me hopes he and the team reunite somewhere, at some point in the future and I get to hear them weave their magic over the airwaves again one day.

As the show ended I did send Chris a tweet- which said: Cheers pal, God love ya.
Well, that's it. It's all over.  The end of a fantastic era and a massive part of my life.

No more cheesey song, no more car park catchphrase, no more tedious link, golden hour, folk face, or McFly day. No more ridiculous yet entertaining sweepstakes.

How do I feel?  Numb? Heartbroken? Gutted? Pretty much all of those words can be used. Today was a Monday, the first weekday after the last show. Waking up knowing that the show wouldn't be on. It's still early days, so t feels I've they are just on one of their two week holidays, but I know it's all over.

I'm a trucker, so I've been in a position to listen every day, live, since 1998, and being on my own all day, it really did feel that the team had become my workmates, my friends, & part of my whole life.  They included me in their life, everything they did. Sometimes reluctantly, but they did with pretty much every aspect, even their more private affairs.

I feel lucky and proud that I've managed to have a few texts read out that have lead to further discussions.  One was a joke I text in that Aled read out, and I remember feeling bad because that link focused on laughing at Aled because he didn't 'get it', but that's what the show was and did, so I'm also kind of proud of it.

There are a lot of things I remember more vividly than others.  These mainly involve Dave.  I know people say he is talentless, he's only in his position by luck blah blah, but for me he was my favourite member of the team.  The amount of times he's made me laugh from revealing things he shouldn't, chipping in with comments without thinking, announcing that Don McLean was dead when he was actually on tour. Not forgetting the endless attempts at coming up with quiz show ideas, and the now legendary King of Tickets.  Absolutely hilarious radio. 

The real laugh out loud moment, the one that genuinely made tears fall from my face with laughter, made my stomach hurt and actually made me have to stop driving my truck was Folk Face live at Maidstone. I still listen to it regularly, and it still makes me laugh.  Just brilliant!

It's sad to know that there will be no more of these moments.

I don't really know what else to say, so I'll sign off this post with a little message to each team member

Chris -

A genius. A gentleman. Big hearted and by far the best broadcaster of my generation.  Thank you for all the years of fun, the rants, and opening my eyes to what goes on behind the scenes in radio. It's been an absolute blast. Good luck in whatever is next for you 

Dave -

Dopey? Lucky? However you view him, without him the show wouldn't have been what it was.  I'll miss the inappropriate comments, I'll miss you revealing secrets, and I don't mean this in any way to be a dig, I will miss laughing AT you as well as along with you.  I wish you and Nicole the absolute best in the future.

Aled -

genuinely the nicest guy I have come across.  So kind, so welcoming to all.  Before this show I had no idea how much work a producer did behind the scenes, but between you and Rachel I now know you don't just stand around and do nothing.  Thank you for coming on this website and being as open as you can when answering questions. You absolutely deserve every bit of success you've had in your career, and I wish you many more.  I'll tune into the surgery to see what you're up to anyway, but I will miss you in the mornings. You're a beautiful person.

Dom -

how you've held it together during the news on so many occasions when literally seconds earlier you were in hysterics and struggling to breathe I will never know.  Your high pitched laugh just made me laugh even more.  Perfect for the job you were chosen to do, I'm so glad it was you and nobody else. There will never be another news reader like you on radio.  All the best to you and your family, the dog and the chickens.

Tina -

new to the show but always up for doing anything to entertain us.  The bad singing was radio gold!  It's nice to know that you've been chosen to stay on the breakfast show, and at the start of your career the future is bright. I wish you all the best.

One last thing. On Friday night I decided to watch Phoenix Nights, and one scene that came on made me chuckle to myself, imagining the team being involved in this situation after the show has finished and they have gone their own ways., with Chris as Brian, Dave as Jerry, and Dom as Alan

Thank you guys, it's been amazing.  There will never be anything and anyone that will compare to you, and achieve what you have on radio.
Most Radio 1 listeners, past and present, are left with the impression that the shows they listened to were alright - the DJ was kind of cool, the music was new and fresh. You don't feel a strong connection. And it's just as well, because before long Radio 1 refreshes the line-up and they're moved to a different slot. All the DJs conform to playing music most of the time, with a few regular features in between. They follow the Radio 1 rules, don't give a real impression of who they are as people, they plug whatever Radio 1 gives them with un-wavering support, regardless of the quality of what they're promoting, and most of all they try to sound cool the whole time.

Chris Moyles was different. He saw things differently. He was himself, and honest with the audience every day. If he had to plug something and it turned out to be dismal, he'd admit it. Such as a new website feature that doesn't actually work. He wouldn't be scared to break from the status-quo. He had a vision that radio DJs should talk more, and followed his vision through with every show he did. He had great ideas, and a great talent for being a DJ. As a result, his show leaves an incredibly deep impression on his audience. No other DJ could be missed so much after leaving.

I started listening when a friend of mine introduced me to the cheesy song, over 4 years ago. At the start of my listening, I wasn't happy with life. I'd just spent a year re-sitting after failing my GCSEs, I was convinced I was thick, I had no friends at college, no social life outside of it and would spend my lunchtimes sat in front of a computer screen waiting for the next lesson. But anybody who knew me would tell you about my apparent obsession with The Chris Moyles Show.

I downloaded the shows every day and listened on the bus to college and back. It helped. It gave me something to look forward to on those mornings when I woke up and thought 'I just don't want to go in today', and it gave me something to look forward to during the college day.

Some places will always remind me of The Chris Moyles Show, and it's sad to think that there'll be no more cheesy songs, no more opening links; no more of any of it. I don't think I'll ever feel as bad about a source of entertainment ending as I do about The Chris Moyles Show.

Thanks for my 4 years of entertainment from a fantastic show.
Hi team,

You probably don't remember me, nor know who I am- but since today is the last ever show in the mornings, I just thought I'd write this message to you guys. I've been a listener to the show for many, many years now- and in a very weird way, I just wanted to share with you my story about how the show has changed my life.

Many years ago, when I was 12 my parents divorced and started getting bullied in school. I was having a hard time, and I turned to food- becoming morbidly obese (which sounds like a great opening line for one of Jo Whiley's Changing Tracks, doesn't it?). Things weren't going great in my life, but then one day I listened to the afternoon show, and it made me laugh- the first proper laugh I'd had in a long time. I started listening to the show every day, excited to hear what was going to happen next. Things were tough in my life, but it'd be alright because I'd have something to look forward to each day- something to make me laugh as an escape.

Then one day, Chris was talking about Hospital Radio, and how anyone could do it- and it inspired me. I thought 'I want to do that!'. So I did- I joined a Hospital Radio station, and presented shows for them. It really helped me with my confidence, I gradually started making more friends and becoming more sociable. I even managed to shift the weight, losing 4 stone. Suddenly my life started going really well, I began living a normal life for once- and all the while, I was still listening to The Chris Moyles show, each day just as I had before. I even got the chance to appear on the show, in May 2010, as a contestant on Carpark Catchphrase- at the time becoming known for both the record number of appearances I made, and for some of the bizarre answers I gave to some of the questions!

I decided that radio was something I really loved, so much that I even decided to study it at university, and this summer, in 2012, I graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Radio. My lecturer now believes I have a promising future in the radio industry, I couldn't be any happier and life couldn't be much better right now (royalty cheques will be in the post...probably...). And the truth is, I owe it all to you guys- because I don't know if I could've been the person I am today otherwise. (Ok I admit that's a bit cheesy- but ah well, it's the truth!)

And so, the day has finally come for today's show- the last ever of The Chris Moyles Show. I don't know what the future holds for me, nor you guys- but for the steps that you've helped me take to get to the stage I'm at right now, I'd just like to say thank you. To every member of the team who has ever worked on the show. You'll all be sorely missed in the mornings, and I sincerely wish each and every one of you the best of luck in the future.

Thanks for the laughs,


Adam Diouri
(Aka- Adam from Stafford, Still the record holder for the most contestant appearances on Carpark Catchphrase, and long-term listener).
Adam from Stafford! Cool - thanks for your post, and good to hear from you.

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