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By Jono
Aled: Did you have any involvement in Live8 at the BBC
By al3000
I can't belive Aled is on here, lol! (only just realised)

Would be great to see the show available as a podcast. Aled were you at Live8, if so what did you think? Was looking at the bbcs photo galleries and there are pictures of loads of other DJs, but none of the Chris Moyles show :cry:
By Jono
Chris was only there because he was working, I doubt the others got there.
By Jono
Aled wrote:
Jono wrote:And where does BBAled stand whilst the team are on holiday?

In his parent's house in Wales.

We're not running it over the holidays. I will have Press Conference stuff for the first Monday back.

And yet you end up on Vernon's show on the phone :wink:
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By fish heads
As well as Jo Whiley's. He just can't keep away from Radio 1
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By Ste
Or is it that Radio One can't keep away from him...
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By Adam
Be giving him his own show soon, I suspect.
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Should be ok now :)