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By Aled
kendra k wrote:aled... were you insulted when dr mark from sunday surgery called ahmed "aled" on bblb this week?

I didn't know he had! - in what context?
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By Aled
Sanitarium wrote:clear this up aled

was it you as chris said or was it really chris on chat?

I don't think it matters now anymore :)
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By Chris
But thanks for the mention :D
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By Mafro
Like Mcqueen said, if we knew it was Moyles we would have been nicer. I thought it was just another annoying n00b who was a bit of a stalker. I'm a bit miffed at missing the mention on the show :cry:
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By kendra k
i think it's cool you guys were being your natural selves and kissing some butt.
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By Tweety-Pie
I'm glad I'm off work next to weeks, The long drive up the motorway wouldn't be the same without listening to Aled and Chris and not forgetting Dave in a morning. What date are you back on Breakfast?
By David
it will be Monday 2nd August, the day I am off on holiday :P
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By Tweety-Pie
I go back to work on the 3rd so that's ok.
By David
4 day week? or is the 2nd a bank holiday... in which case Moyles will be back on the 3rd aswell, as last time they had a holiday there was a bank holiday at one of the ends to make it longer...
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By Tweety-Pie
I'm a Lorry Driver work Tue to Saturday wish I could change to Mon to Fri thou...

Bank holiday is end of August when the Reading / Leeds weekend is
By David
Aled, when was the first time you ever heard Chris' show as a listener?
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By Aled
I've just met Kendra on the tube! How bizarre!

Hello Kendra btw when you read this - nice meeting you.
By Tom Holt
well funky, how did you know it was kendra, aled? or did kendra spot you?
By Tom Holt
lol you never know though ickle.....
By Toast
I'm sure Aled always looks at the member gallery incase he bumps into one of them...
By Tom Holt
lol nice one toast... i was only making conversation before and now it seems to be escalating into another 'let's have a go at Tipsy' thread
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By Adam
Aled wrote:I've just met Kendra on the tube! How bizarre!

Hello Kendra btw when you read this - nice meeting you.

It is a small world... :wink:
By Tom Holt
i didn't realise aled was in london, i thought (due to his absense from the board*) that he'd gone to wales or some other sunny place :P

*Some people may not count his time away as an absence, but to the more post-happy people (Like me) it seemed a long time
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By Sidders
Well I'm rarely in London or Aberystwyth, so it's unlikely he'll ever bump into me.
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