Always wanted to know something about the show? This is the place to 'Ask Aled'!
Thank you!
Now you've mentioned that, I just looked at who started the first Ask Aled thread. It was somebody called Static Fish who's real name is Andy by the looks of it and they apparently come from Worcester according to their profile. Now, their are only about 94,000 people in the whole of Worcester so we need to hunt this person down...
I guess maybe he was a moderator back in the day? I don't really know who any of the previous ones have been apart from Sunny So Cal.
Well as he doesn't post anymore, I'm guessing he probably isn't!

ETA: if you read this thread:


you can see that all the old regulars thought Moyles moving to breakfast was a terrible idea, and seemingly all swiftly ditched the show and thus, the forum.
I don't remember Sunny ever being a mod here.
Nicola_Red wrote:I guess maybe he was a moderator back in the day? I don't really know who any of the previous ones have been apart from Sunny So Cal.

He wasn't, but when Aled first started visiting (and when we subsequently realised it was actually him), he was the one who had the idea of the thread. He started it, Chris stickied it, then later gave it its own forum.

Yudster wrote:I don't remember Sunny ever being a mod here.

Before she had a hissy fit and left, she was made a mod because she was often on at hours when others weren't and was able to delete stuff before others were up.
I never said she wasn't, just that I don't remember it. But now you mention the "out of hours" thing, it does ring a bell.
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By Aled
slaphead1982 wrote:This is'nt a question but a request. Can you thank Chris for getting me into "Weird Al" Yankovic?
After hearing him play some of his songs on the radio (I've been listening to the old shows recently) I've gone and bought all of his studio albums. I never knew quit how good his parodies are until I heard Chris play em.


slaphead1982 wrote:Are you (The team) already thinking of what to do in the final year of Chris' Radio 1 reign?

Someone somewhere has been talking about us leaving the show from about 18 months in (back in 2005) at the start I had my own thoughts of what we'd do - but when that became 3 years, then 4, then 5, then 6, then 7... I gave up having a plan because things change. When the day comes I'll look at what hand is played to us, I'll talk to Chris and take it from there.

slaphead1982 wrote:Would you follow Chris to his next radio show on whatever station he goes to or would you stay at Radio 1 or the BBC in general?

There are just too many variables in that question to answer. Would I want to be part of The Chris Moyles Show if we weren't doing the breakfast show yes of course.
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By Aled
Restorergull wrote:Hi Aled

What is the jingle music for the generic mp3 game? Is it a pure tronic bed? Really wanna know what it is..

Funky Vibes by KPM

Restorergull wrote:Anychance of bringing back Daves Ramble shout?

I did ask as it happens but people weren't keen. I'll ask again though because I do like that
itbe_Tyler wrote:What is the point in calling it the 'Generic MP3 Shuffle Game' when the word iPod/iPhone is said anyway? Surely its defeating the point of trying to not promote one brand?

It's a joke...
It's called a 'joke' and it's being made at the expense of the BBC's rules on impartiality.
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