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By Chris
Big Blubber 3
Aled - Excellent week for Aled, made both sessions, and, erm, did good 'girl'.
Will - Has produced some really good running this week, so he can have a year off.
Dave - Despite being crap generally, due to the fact that he was running like a girl or alternatively like a man with a stick on fire shoved up his bum, Dave did some good running this week. Have a banana.
Chris - Chris is the best athlete Scott has ever met, and keeps pulling all the girls due to his enomous leg muscles, and if Scott was gay, he'd definatly go for him.
Guess who got licky licky brown nose? Well Scott actually. Due to working so hard he's having a much needed holiday sking, so if you haven't already guessed the reason the team report was so weird they were all recorded by Chris doing a rubbish accent.

The team recieved some presents from esure for plugging them so much. They had a stress ball which when squeezed said 'calm down dear' and a specially made cartoon saying 'calm down dear, it's the Chris Moyles Show'
You know I said Chris and Dave were going to prepare some ads for today? Well, they didn't. But they did create three more on the spot.
Lacking is what i'd sum up todays show as. Three Guess Whos filled the 4:30 to 5pm part. Will saw Ian Wright in the after show bar because he was at the recording of his director friends childrens show Xchange, Ian was there because he had just done the Lottery Show. Aled saw Fame Academy's Richard Park. Chris noticed Ruby Wax driving in her car.
The 5:10pm link was very short as Chris revealed that he had been informed that there was a picture of Aled aged 17 on a website. If you type Aled into a google search you might find a young Aled in a video clip wearing a brown waistcoat and what Dave described as a bum head. An emailer noticed that Wes advert for Sara Cox Breakfast show included a flaw whereby whenever he switches on the microwave, Sara is turned off and when it stops, Sara comes back on thus giving Chris a new nickname for Wes One Plug Wes.

Daves Tedious Link
Charlatans North Country Boy - Charlatans are the most famous band to come from Northwich - If you take the TH out of northwich you get Norwich - Norwich is the home of Alan Partridge - Partridges live in pear trees as do pears - Pears rhymes with fares which is what a bus conductor collects on a bus - Buses can sometimes be double deckers - Double Deckers is also the name of a chocolate bar - Chocolate is made from Cocoa - Coco ryhmes with Loco as in Loco In Acapulco by the Four Tops which featured in Buster starring Phil Collins - Phil Collins had an album called No Jacket Required - Jacket potatoes are baked in the oven - Oven rhymes with Govan which is a ship building district of Glasgow - Glasgow is in Scotland - Scotland is famous for its highlands which are full of hills and if you put the word Suger before hill and the word Gang in front of it you get the Sugarhill Gang - Which links us to Sugarhill Gang and Rappers Delight.

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