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By Chris
We had to remove two of our download servers which has caused some disruption to downloads over the past week or so. I'm pleased to say that we have now replaced these with three new machines.

Thanks very much to the people at 3Core Networks, and forum member JamesH for their support.

We would still very much like to hear from you if you have a server which has some capacity and would be able to help us out with a mirror. The more servers we can add, the less the load on any individual machine and network. Data transfer from a mirror is around 150GB/month with (currently) 25GB of storage being required. The server would need to be fast, Linux/Unix-based and have SSH access (for automated mirror synchronisation). If you think that you could help, please contact me at, your help would be very much appreciated.

For technical reasons you may find that some of the streaming previews previously posted to the news pages no longer function, however the downloads themselves are available and if you prefer to stream the clip then a working link can be found on the file download page.

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