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I was able to download straight from my iTunes app but don't seem to bf able to find it anymore only reason I ask is because my laptop is broken and won't let me transfer downloads from there to my phone is there another way of getting them as a direct download from here only streams on my phone

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By jocky85
Is anyone else having real problems with this since the latest iPhone software update? Mine now fails to download it properly - thanks apple!
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By jocky85
Stil having massive problems with this. It was downloading to my phone each morning & now it just says 'preparing to download' I can work out if its me, the download link, or the podcast app!'
By SteveH

I'm very grateful to you for providing my daily fix of Moyles from before I listened to the show. It's a godsend!

One odd thing I've noticed though is that if I download the podcast through iTunes it comes down within a couple of minutes but if I download it through the Instacast app on my iPhone (which I prefer), it takes around half an hour and has to be prodded several times when it times-out. I'm going to drop them a line to see if there's a problem with their app but wondered if there was something else I could do, short of ditching Instacast?
By bewA

I'm having a problem with my podcasts being downloaded out of order and i've checked with the developer of the app I use and apparently it's because in the RSS link you aren't using Published Dates (pubDate).

Is this something you'd consider adding to the RSS feed?

thanks in advance!

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