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By Alice
The following files have been added to the SoundVault:

Toby LeRone Update, 23.07.12 [download] - Today's round of funny names read out on the radio. Thanks to wildthing for this clip.

Tina's Olympic Game, 23.07.12 [download] - Tina tests the team on their knowledge of Olympic events.

Tina's Olympic Game, 25.07.12 [download] - Tina quizzes the team on the names of various Olympic athletes, with a bonus prize for anyone who can refrain from laughing at some of the more unusual names.

Aled's Hip Hop Punishment, 24.07.12 [download] - Aled calls Mel C a bad word and is forced into rap-based penance.

Toby LeRone Update, 24.07.12 [download] - Today's Toby clips.

Toby LeRone Update, 25.07.12 [download] - Another round of Toby LeRone clips.

Toby LeRone Update, 26.07.12 [download] - Yet more Toby LeRone-based hilarity.

Toby LeRone Update, 27.07.12 [download] - More DJs are fooled by funny names.

Toby LeRone Update, 30.07.12 [download] - The final round of Toby LeRone clips.

Freya's Birthday, 30.07.12 [download] - It's producer Freya's birthday and Aled has enlisted two hunks to deliver her cake.

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