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By Alice
The following files have been added to the SoundVault:

Told Ya Tinch Man [download] - Dave tells Tinchy Stryder how it is.

Press Rant, 13.07.12 [download] - Chris rants about all the news articles about him that have appeared since his leaving announcement, in particular the ones that denounce him as homophobic.

By Tis Marc74
I've just listened to Chris's press rant and he is spot on when he says some of the British public are like sheep and follow the majority. The same people who complained about The Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand radio incident without even hearing it. The same people who years ago said the late great Jeremy Beadle was worse than evil dictator Saddam Hussein. Chris hosts a daily radio show. There are other stations if you don't like the output. Why do these people moan about it yet still tune in on a daily basis?

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